personal trainer worth it

Is It Worth It To Get A Personal Trainer?

Many people buy into the belief that a personal trainer is the answer to all their fitness related goals. They think a personal trainer can take them from being overweight to having a ripped six-pack in a record period of time. The truth is, that’s not always the best way to go about your goals!

Many personal trainers, especially those found as employees of a specific gym don’t know much more than you already do – they just have a certification that says they completed a course on being a personal trainer. Sure, they may have learned some things there, but most of the knowledge they know can be picked up from books of the Internet. Also, they run into the same issue that most dietitians have – they are not up to date on new techniques and are still promoting myths that were around 10 years ago.

Take this with a grain of salt because I’m just talking about gym personal trainers. Some private trainers are far beyond this and although they charge quite a bit more than a gym’s personal trainer, we’re basically comparing apples to oranges. Most gyms hire students who just got a personal trainer certification and are working at minimum wage to get the experience.

In additon to this, it’s always always surprising when so many personal trainers don’t even look that healthy! Why would you take advice from someone who doesn’t have the dedication to have a great physique themselves? How many times have you seen a 20 year old slightly overweight guy with a stopwatch around his neck and a clipboard walking around a gym touting himself as a personal trainer – why would you take advice from someone like this?

In the end, it would probably be better for you to design your own workout and nutrition plan by taking all the great information found from this website. With all the information that is available to you here, it is not that difficult to set a plan up that will show results in a short period of time. And, if after a month or two you are not progressing like you think you should be, then you may consider consulting a personal trainer. But until then, just follow one of the plans found on this website!