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Intense Weight Training Tricks Part 3

So after reading Intense Weight Training Tricks Part 1 and Intense Weight Training Tricks Part 2, you think you know everything you need to know for a more intense workout, right?

Think again…

If you want to pack on the muscle and keep getting ripped, there’s more you can do to rev up your weight training efforts…

These intense weight training tricks may seem more advanced, but with a bit of patience, they can be incorporated into any strength training routine. Push your muscles to their max, and you’ll be on your way to a more sculpted body in no time.

Let’s get intense and shatter those strength training plateaus!

Triple Sets

Triple sets allow you to focus on the muscle fibers with the most potential for growth. Rather than working each set to failure, triple sets get more out of your muscles and improve your muscle endurance.

Start with a weight that lets you get 10-14 reps. Perform each rep as fast as possible (with correct form), and as soon as you feel your speed slowing, stop the set and rest 30 seconds. Repeat, and rest another 30 seconds before repeating for a third time. These 3 mini-sets count as one set. Rest 2-3 minutes, and repeat the triple sequence again.

1 and ½ Reps

Compound exercises work out more than one muscle at the same time. For example, a bench press exercises your chest and your triceps. But often compound exercises rely more on the bigger muscles. The 1 and ½ rep method allows you to get more out of the smaller muscles in the same exercise.

Start by performing only half of a full repetition and return to starting position. Then immediately follow with the full range of motion. This counts as one rep. Repeat 3-5 sets at 4-6 reps. For example, when you’re doing a chin-up, pull yourself only half way up, return to starting position, then pull yourself all the way up (one rep).

Back-Off Sets

You may not think you’re ready to lift heavier, but back-off sets take off the pressure. You’ll see amazing gains in strength in very little time.

Start with a higher weight (5-10 pounds more than you’re used to), and get 4-6 reps out on the first set. Repeat with the same weight, even if you can only get out a couple reps. On the third and fourth sets, drop the weight so you can get out 8-10 reps. You’ll overcome that strength plateau in just a couple weeks.

Feed Your Muscles

On strength training days, it’s crucial to feed your muscles in the first 30 minutes after your workout. This is when your muscles need protein the most, because they’ve been damaged and drained of nutrients. A combination of good protein and amino acid supplements is what works best. Here’s what you need to feed your muscles:

  • A tasty whey protein supplement to support muscle growth. You can’t pack on muscle without more protein in your diet so give this one a try, you’ll love the smooth creamy taste: Optimum Platinum Hydrobuilder.
  • An intra-workout supplement for improving muscle endurance and recovery. Try Scivation Xtend, which contains branched chain amino acids.
  • A glutamine supplement to preserve muscle mass and maximize your results. Try Optimum Glutamine.

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