The Best Core Exercises with Weights

Core Exercise ABC’s

Getting a sexy and toned six pack is no easy task. But if you want real results, you need to make sure you’re adding some resistance to your workouts.

In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to abdominal and core exercises. Doing 200 crunches isn’t going to do a whole lot to build and tone your abs.

Instead, you need to add resistance to your core exercises over time, just as you would any other muscle group. As you continue to build your abs, obliques, and lower back, you’ll improve your core strength. But you also need to constantly increase resistance in order to avoid hitting a plateau.

And that’s where today’s exercises come into play.

Weights can be easily incorporated into your core workout, in a number of diverse ways. Beyond getting you real results faster than doing crunch after crunch, they’ll also help you stave off boredom at the gym.

The Best Resistance Core Exercises

Today I’m reviewing 7 core exercises that incorporate weights – and help you see some serious six pack results. If you want shredded abs and a strong core, you need to include these in your workout.

Or if you’re looking for a whole new core workout to throw into your routine, try running through 2-3 sets of these exercises in a row. Even one circuit can have a big impact if you’re short on time.

Crunch with Medicine Ball

The first one on this list is pretty simple. All you’re going to do is hold a medicine ball overhead as you engage in a regular abdominal crunch. As you bring your torso up, bring the medicine ball up and overhead as well.

To view a standard ab crunch, click here.

Bicycle Crunch with Medicine Ball

For this second exercise, you’re going to hold on to the medicine ball at your chest and engage in a traditional bicycle crunch. Rather than bringing each elbow to the opposite knee, simply bring the ball to each knee as you alternate from side to side.

To view a standard bicycle crunch, click here.

Russian Twist

The Russian Twist is a highly effective core exercise. Not only do you get the resistance with the medicine ball, but balancing on a stability ball also challenges your core muscle in an intense way. Make sure you move through this one at a controlled pace.

To view a Russian twist, click here.

Ab Twists with Cable Weights

There are 3 variations of this exercise that do wonders for your core muscles, especially your obliques (the muscles under your love handles). Each one of them targets your obliques at a different angle, allowing you to build incredible strength in these key core muscles. Plus they also work your abs and lower back.

Get your obliques warmed up for these ones. Here there are:

Hanging Knee Raise with Dumbbell

The last one is probably the most advanced exercise on this list, but it’s totally manageable. You’re going to engage in a hanging knee raise, but rather just relying on bodyweight, you’re going to hold a dumbbell between your feet. With every lift of your knees upward, you’re going to seriously increase the resistance on your abs. Make sure you start off with a light weight before you get the hang of it.

To view a standard hanging knee raise, click here.

Looking for a killer ab diet to go along with these exercises?

Check out my Six Pack Diet Plan for Women or my Six Pack Diet Plan for Men, and match your diet to your six pack mindset.

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