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Biceps Workout – Ultimate Plan

We use our biceps probably more than almost any other muscle as it comes into play when we open doors, flex our arms to use the keyboard, or lift bags in and out of our cars so I thought it was important to write up a quick workout that can really challenge our arms!

You’ll probably see some of the worst form in the gym when people do biceps exercises so let’s take a quick look at that first!

Biceps Workout Posture

First thing’s first! Don’t swing (sometimes)! Swinging is cheating your biceps and placing the force of the weight onto other muscles, however there is a time when bodybuilders do cheat and it’s ok.

Know when that is?

When you’re trying to get in one or two last reps. Now I don’t recommend swinging to any of my clients, but if you don’t have a spotter and are looking to really push your biceps to the next level then a cheat at the end of your set can be done. (I will point out a better variation style a little later!)

Watch your back. Remember to prevent yourself from hunching your back with biceps exercises where you are standing. Spot yourself in the mirror and make sure to have your feet shoulder width apart, a little bend at your knees and your shoulder blades pulled back. It’s incredible what kind of difference this makes to the results you get.

Biceps Workout Exercises

Get ready for this arms blast cause it’s going to give you such a big biceps pump you’re going to love the feeling after you complete this.

Now always remember to start up with a warm up on any piece of cardio equipment of your choice since you want your shoulder and elbow joints all warmed up to prevent injury.

3 sets 10 repetitions: chin-ups with underhand grip ( refer to photo here )
3 sets 10 repetitions: Cable Hammer Curls with Rope ( refer to photo here )
3 sets 10 repetitions: Biceps Curls facing Bench ( refer to photo here )
3 sets 8 repeitions (each side): Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curls ( refer to photo here )

Biceps Workout Variations

Remember before when I spoke about adding variation without doing cheats? Try this. For your last biceps exercise try a drop set which means starting ta your heaviest weight and actually dropping weights. Make it harder by having little rest between sets and you’re going to get a killer pump!

Recommended Supplements for this Biceps Workout:

Pre-workout Energy Boost: ENGN PreWorkout
High Quality Protein for Lean Muscle Development: Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey
Post-workout Amino Acids for Recovery & Growth: Scivation Xtend

Try this workout and leave a comment below? Does it give you a killer pump?