Abs Workout Made Easy

There’s a lot to deal with if you truly want to get killer abs, the perfect eating all the time, the intense exercise plan, and the perfect amount of rest and relaxation for recovery.

But that aside so many of us forget that’s it not just what’s on the outside, but also what’s happening on the inside. Let me explain…

It’s no surprise that you have to have low body fat and some good genes to have abs, but what if we forget that for just one moment. What about the result of the increase in core strength that will benefit you in so many other ways?

Great core strength means improved posture, less lower back pain, and a super ability to excel in every exercise and sport there is.

These benefits should not be under-stated because with better posture and an ability to keep your body in the right position when exercising means you will also see results that really shine.

Now if you’re thinking this means intense ab workouts all the time, that is definitely not necessary. Instead I’ll give you a quick 15 minute ab workout you can implement three times a week that will bring radical core strength and make you feel like a super athlete with a rock hard midsection.

Abs Workout

3 sets of 30 seconds plank on stability ball (view exercise)
3 sets of 20 mountain climbers on bosu ball (view exercise)
2 sets of 15 hanging leg raises (view exercise)
3 sets of 15 decline ab crunches (view exercise)
1 sets of 25 bicycle crunches on bosu ball (view exercise)

There you have it, simple but very challenging and highly effective. Of course, now you need the abs workout diet to match it so to make it easy for yourself you may want to include these most results-driven supplements to get your abs to not only feel good but also to show through…

Abs Workout Results-Driven Supplements

Intensity pre-workout matrix (take 30 minutes before workout) – Muscle Pharm Assault
Intra workout endurance catalyst (take during or right after workout) – Scivation Xtend
Advanced muscle building protein (take an hour before workout and immediately after workout) – Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey
Super thermogenic fat burner (take in the morning) – 7-Keto LeanGels
Workout Multi Vitamin (take in the morning) – Optimum Opti-Women or Optimum Opti-Men

Have any questions or feedback about this abs workout? Please leave a comment below…