free insanity workout

Free Insanity Workout

I hear from a lot of friends about the struggles that they have with trying to stay on track with their workout plans and some have gone as far as trying the insanity workout dvd’s which are so challenging that fitness instructors themselves have a hard time keeping up with.

So if you’re up for it, I’m going to help you get completely insane but do it the sane way! Real transformation is totally possible, but you need to hit it hard and you need to sweat. Cutting corners isn’t the way to approach things, and the only quick fix is one that packs some real punch.

This advanced workout plan is aimed at getting you ripped in just a few months! If a chiseled, rock hard body is what you’ve been dreaming of, then this free insanity workout is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Free Insanity Workout Philosophy

This free insanity workout makes use of high-intensity interval training in a really unique way. Typical interval training is based on short bursts of high impact exercises to keep your heart rate up and your energy expenditure maximized. The idea of high-intensity interval training is to increase output in a shorter period of time.

But to get really insane about things, I’m designing a workout based on interval training that’s focused on longer bursts of high intensity exercises. The goal, of course, is to get even more intense with your workouts!

You’ll burn a ton of calories and pack on a huge amount of lean muscle mass in a relatively short period of time.

The Free Insanity Workout

This workout is designed to be added to your current strength training routine. Supplement this routine on 1 or 2 days each week, and you’ll see improvements across the board. And the entire workout can be done at home with no equipment!

Here are the exercises, each designed with high intensity and long duration in mind. You’ll get a killer combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise with every move!

IMPORTANT: Rest for 1 minute max between circuits.

Let’s get insane…

Warm-Up – Marching
Spend 5 minutes warming up by marching in place, lifting your knees close to chest height and alternating between lifting your arms to the ceiling.

Circuit 1 – Perform 2 Full Cycles Back to Back

  • Burpees – 2 minutes
  • Walking Lunges – 2 minutes
  • Arm Circles – 2 minutes

Circuit 2 – Perform 3 full Cycles Back to Back

  • Jumping Jacks – 3 minutes
  • Side Lunges – 2 minutes

Circuit 3 – Perform 2 Full Cycles Back to Back

  • High Knees (lift knees to abdomen) – 3 minutes
  • Mary Catherine’s (alternating lunge jumps) – 2 minutes
  • Jump Squats (jumping between squats) – 2 minutes

Circuit 4 – Perform 2 Full Cycles Back to Back

  • Jumping Jacks – 2 minutes
  • Walking Lunges – 2 minutes
  • High Knees – 1 minute

Cool-Down – Jogging & Stretching
Spend 5 minutes jogging in place, before spending another 5 minutes stretching.

For more information on high-intensity interval training, read my article on HIIT here. You can use these principles to incorporate additional movements and exercises into your own insanity workout!

The Free Insanity Workout – Nutritional Support

This workout is pretty insane, but if you want real results, you need to get intense!

For optimal results, you also need to think about getting proper nutritional support. This means a diet that’s high in protein and complex carbs, and low in sugar and fat. I recommend checking out my Cutting Diet, which will help you get in the best shape of your life!

After a hard workout like this one, you also need to think about recovery. For more information on the best recovery supplements, read my article on Post-Workout Recovery Supplements here.

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