ginger water benefits

Ginger Water Benefits

I’m a big supporter of all things super food. There’s no denying it, super foods are a fantastic addition to any healthy diet plan, especially if your goals include boosting energy and enhancing metabolism.

Super foods are so named for their greater-than-normal nutritional value. These are foods that are really packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other naturally occurring ingredients that support good health and an active lifestyle. For my best super food recommendations, read my article on Top 5 Super Foods for Weight Loss here.

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Ginger is one of the best super foods out there. And what’s especially great about ginger is that it’s extremely affordable and has a long list of health benefits!

One of the best ways to add ginger to you diet is by drinking ginger water. It’s really simple. Just boil some water and add it to some peeled and chopped or diced ginger. Generally I would use about a teaspoon of chopped ginger for every cup of water. You can drink it hot, or cool it after it’s infused for a refreshing drink. The benefit of drinking ginger water over eating fresh ginger is that the hot water helps to release many of its benefits.

Let’s take a look at everything that ginger water has to offer…

Ginger Water Benefits

  • Detox – Ginger is an amazing natural detox aid. It helps improve digestion and breaks down fatty acids, which means it’s also great for weight loss.
  • Bloating – Since it breaks down fatty acids, ginger also considerably reduces bloating. It helps further with this by also breaking down proteins. Overall, it’s one of the best natural digestive aids you can find.
  • Nausea – Ginger water has been used for hundreds of years to prevent and treat nausea and vomiting. It helps settle your stomach quickly and efficiently, and many pregnant women sweat by it for treating morning sickness. Many doctors also recommend it to patients who suffer nausea as a side effect of medications and treatments. And if you’re planning on travelling, ginger also helps with motion sickness.
  • Weight Loss – Ginger also has natural thermogenic properties, which means it will give your metabolism a major boost. This means more calories and fat burned. So if you’re looking for something other than green tea for accomplishing this task, give ginger water a try.
  • Cold Relief – I’ve always had success using ginger water for this purpose. Ginger water provides relief from many symptoms of the common cold. This is due to the Vitamin C and magnesium content of ginger, which is also good for supporting your immune system on a regular basis.

Ginger Water Benefits – Conclusion

As you can see, there are a number of benefits of drinking ginger water. Although it’s a great super food to add to your diet, it’s recommended that you not exceed 4 grams of fresh ginger root per day, as some studies have indicated that large quantities can lead to stomach pains and even allergies. But in moderation, ginger water is a great addition to a healthy life!

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