most common workout mistakes

Most Common Workout Mistakes

Rather than hearing what you should do, sometimes it’s good to know what you shouldn’t do. Today, I’m reviewing some of the most common workout mistakes to avoid at home or at the gym.

Successful weight training isn’t just about lifting heavy objects and getting big. There’s a real technique to building and toning muscle, and your methods are just as important as your motivation. Avoiding these workout mistakes will not only help you stay motivated, energized, and focused, many of them will also help you avoid injuries and improve your recovery time substantially.

If you haven’t taken the time to make sure you’re doing things correctly, there’s no time like the present!

10 Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid

1. Always Doing the Same Thing – This is a common mistake when it comes to both cardio and weight training. Your body gets used to the same movements over time, and it adapts, which means you eventually stop seeing results.

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2. Holding On – Like to grip the handle bars when you’re on the treadmill or bike? Well lay off, and support your body using your core muscles instead. Even if you don’t know it, holding onto the handle bars reduces some of your resistance due to body weight, and that makes things less challenging.

3. Avoiding the Incline – Many people avoid using the incline setting on the treadmill, but it’s one of the best ways to improve your workout and boost your fat-burning results. Try to get it up to at least a 3 during intense intervals.

4. Over-Fueling You don’t need to overdo it when it comes to protein, supplements, and liquids. It’s definitely important to stay hydrated, but stick to water rather than sugary sports drinks. A protein shake about an hour before and immediately following a workout is the best approach.

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5. Socializing – I’m not saying you can’t be social, but if you’ve spent half of your hour-long workout socializing with your gym friends, you’ve only had a 30-minute workout! Stay focused while you’re at the gym, and keep the talking to a minimum.

6. Trying to Impress – One of the worst things you can do is over-lift just to impress your buddies or potential onlookers. Again, stay focused, and worry about your own goals. It’s not a competition, and turning it into one can lead to serious injuries.

7. Not Lifting Heavy Enough – On the flip side, seeing results requires continuous progression. You have to constantly challenge yourself to see real gains. When you can easily get out 12-15 reps of a particular exercise, it’s time to add more weight.

8. Focusing on Calories Burned – Calories are okay to pay attention to, but what’s more important is how much work you’re really putting into your routine. At the end of the day, the best indicators of success are energy output and measurements. Calories should only matter if your goals involve extreme weight loss.

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9. Using Every Machine – Just because a machine is there, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. This is a common mistake that beginners make at the gym, and what it results in is a lack of focus and very little understanding of how to train correctly. A lot of those machines aren’t so great, and they may not be ideal for your fitness level or goals.

10. Focusing too Much – On the other hand, you don’t want to focus your efforts too much. Your biggest fitness goal might be getting a six pack, but doing crunches every day isn’t enough to get you there. It’s always important to be somewhat balanced in your efforts. There should never be a body part or muscle group that’s completely overlooked.

Other than that, make sure you’re always paying attention to proper form, moving through exercises with focused control, and listening to your body when you feel pain or discomfort. Educate yourself and see better results!

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