7 powerful weight loss tips

7 Powerful Weight Loss Tips

Trying to lose weight, tone up, and get fit?

Well it’s time to take things up a level…starting today!

It’s important to remember that weight loss is essentially a science, one which implicates diet and exercise as key factors in seeing results.

My exercise tips have been pretty clear – you need to combine resistance training (weights) with intense cardiovascular exercise in order to burn fat and lose weight.

But the other major component to any weight loss program is diet. And here’s where a lot of the science comes in to play. Your body is a machine, and getting it to work in a particular way can lead to amazing weight loss results. Keep reading to find out how…

Here’s how it works when you eat sugars and starches: Your body experiences a sugar spike, which leads to increased insulin levels that will start locking fat into your cells – so that it can’t be used for energy production! This can become a vicious circle, because following the insulin spike, you’re just going to be left craving more sugar.

So you need to find ways to prevent this cycle and get your body working at its best. This article looks at 7 powerful tips for doing just that. Let’s get started…

7 Powerful Weight Loss Diet Tips

1. Have a Salad First – By eating salad before every meal, you’re going to take in a lot of fiber that will essentially “trap” a lot of the sugars and starches from your meal, preventing their storage as fat. The fiber from the leafy greens will then take longer to digest, preventing your blood glucose levels from spiking and holding cravings at bay.

2. Eat Fatty Snacks – Surprisingly, this is actually an effective way to keep you feeling full for longer. By eating a fatty snack (such as nuts or a piece of cheese) before a meal, you’ll actually cause your body to slow down digestion.

3. Use Vinegar – Vinegar is a great condiment to use when you’re trying to lose weight, because it actually deactivates enzymes involved in converting starches into sugar. This will help a lot when it comes to eating carbs, like breads and pastas. Just a tablespoon or so at the start of your meal (for example, on a salad) works great!

4. Don’t Overcook Veggies – The less you cook your vegetables, the better they are at soaking up starches and sugars (so that they can’t be stored as fat) and keeping you feeling satisfied. Try roasting vegetables or lightly steaming them.

5. Eat More Protein – Although protein causes an initial insulin response, it actually decreases the total quantity of insulin released for an entire meal. Protein also keeps you feeling fuller and burns more calories during digestion. This is why I always recommend using protein supplements and bars in your weight loss plans. Check out the great-tasting Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion or these amazing protein bars – Myoplex LIte Bars.

6. Save the Sweets for Dessert – By eating refined sugars after an entire meal, you’ll actually reduce insulin spikes because of the food that’s already digesting. This is why you should also avoid sweets as snacks between meals.

7. Have a Glass of Wine – This last one sounds pretty easy! Alcohol actually slows down your liver’s glucose production during a meal, by as much as 25%. Although you have to watch the calories that come with alcohol, a glass of wine with dinner can be a great option – and one that might also help give you a break from your strict dieting efforts!

Have any questions or feedback about these powerful weight loss tips? Please leave a comment below…