Endurance Combos

One of the most important parts of bodybuilding, athletic training or weight loss success is endurance. That is why we have done all the research for you and found the best endurance combos possible to give you the energy boost and longevity you want and need to reach your goals!

We have found a great Beginners Endurance Combo plan as well as an Advanced Endurance Combo for those already in the game looking to boost your already strong endurance to the next level.

Beginners Endurance Combo

Basic Endurance Stack
Hammer H.E.E.D., 2 Lbs., Lemon-Lime
Clif Shot, 24 Packets
Detour Biker Bars, Box of 12
Natrol My Favorite Multiple Energizer, 60 Tablets

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H.E.E.D. will provide you with a sport’s drink option that is powerful, flavorful and a cut above the rest. With Hammer H.E.E.D. you will be able to enjoy the common benefits of sports drinks with some extra benefits because of its complete electrolyte profile that goes far beyond the common salt and potassium supplementation.

Clif Shot is an energy gel that tastes great while also being easy for the body to digest and extremely fast acting. This gel has 24 grams of carbohydrates to give you the energy boost you need without having to sit down for a huge carb loaded meal! This product is guaranteed to kick your body into high gear within five to ten minutes of consumption – making it perfect for long-distance activities.

Biker bars are formulated for athletes in order to boost energy for a variety of athletic endeavors. Furthermore, My Favorite Multiple Energizer has been developed to meet all of the needs of your busy life with an all encompassing vitamin, mineral and antioxidant formulation.

Recommended usage:
Hammer H.E.E.D.: Mix 1-2 scoops with 16-24oz of water. Consume immediately before and throughout exercise and competition
Clif Shot: 1 pkg 15 minutes before activity. 1-2 pkg per hour throughout activity. Always follow with water consumption
Detour Biker Bars: 1-2 bars throughout strenuous activity where energy boost and recovery are needed
Natrol My Favorite Multiple Energizer: 1 tablet daily with a meal, preferably breakfast

Advanced Endurance Combo

Advanced Endurance Stack
First Endurance Optygen HP
Ajinomoto Amino Vital Endurance
Endurox Endurox R4
Clif Shot
Detour Runner Bars
Natrol My Favorite Multiple

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This is a combination of revolutionary products that are all designed to give you the maximum energy boost imaginable. First Endurance Optygen HP will give you the oxygen utilization needed to boost your aerobic threshold and calm the lactic acid that causes you to feel your muscles burn. Aminto vital Endurance works to fuel muscles and reduce the negative impact on overworking them.

Endurox R4 assists in recovery of muscles, while Clif Shot is an energy gel that is fast to consume and fast to act giving you an extreme energy boost within five to ten minutes of consuming it. Runners bars will give you all natural energy for the duration of your athletic activity and My Favorite Multiple Energizer will give you the dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you body needs to have to healthily sustain activity.

Recommended Usage:
For this combo we can’t add anything to the instructions already listed on the packaging.

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