8 ways to detox without juicing

8 Ways to Detox Without Juicing

Of all the health fads lately, juicing has really taken the industry by storm. And while juicing can be a handy way to get in some extra vitamins and minerals, it’s not a solution for better health.

Juicing is also advertised as an effective way to detox. By consuming only fresh vegetable and fruit juices, you can definitely cleanse your system, boost your vitamin and mineral support, and probably lose a few pounds in the process.

That said, juicing is not the healthiest approach – to either supplementation or detoxing. The major problem with juicing is that you’re missing a lot of the good stuff vegetables and fruits have to offer – primarily the fiber. And fiber is one of the best parts of your diet if you’re trying to get healthy and fit.

When it comes to detoxes and cleanses, there are a lot of great alternatives to juicing. These alternatives will boost your health in a number of other ways too. Stick with them long term, and you’ll see some serious benefits to your health.

Detox With One of These 8 Simple Strategies

1. Get Strict about Whole Foods

This is the best long term, sustainable detox that everyone needs to adopt. The first thing you need to do is remove processed foods from your diet. Anything packaged, frozen, or delivered to your door should be eliminated. Next, you want to try to eat foods as close to their natural states as possible. It’s all about minimal processing – and trust me, it doesn’t take long to feel the health benefits.

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2. Eliminate Sugar

This is definitely a tough one for most people, but if you can do it, the effects can really be life changing. By removing processed and added sugars from your diet, you’ll get your blood glucose level under control, and you’ll notice a serious boost in energy and stamina after just a couple weeks.

3. Stay Hydrated

Without a doubt, water is the easiest and most effective natural detox you can find. Start drinking more water throughout the day, and you’ll feel better all around.

4. Get Your Sleep Under Control

Sleep is really your foundation for a healthy life, and just a single night of poor sleep can wreak havoc on your entire system. Get your sleep under control, and your hunger spikes will diminish, your cravings will be easier to control, and your digestive system will be healthier.

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5. Eat Lots of Fresh Herbs

Natural and fresh herbs contain some great detoxifying properties, with tons of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and lots of vitamins and minerals. Include more fresh herbs in your diet for a daily cleanse. Some especially effective options include fresh mint, parsley, and fresh ginger.

6. Sweat It Out

Working hard in the gym and building up a serious sweat is another easy way to detoxify your body. Drink lots of water, and really push it. After a nice hot shower, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

7. Put an End to Stress

Stress can do some real damage to your body over time, and if you’re stressed out too frequently, your body doesn’t have a chance to engage in the restorative processes that it needs to stay healthy. Get your stress under control, and everything will start feeling more balanced.

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8. Eat Whole Fruits & Vegetables

This is definitely the most obvious solution on this list, but if anything is better than juicing, it’s eating more whole fruits and vegetables. This way, you’re getting everything your food has to offer, including the fiber. Fiber not only keeps you feeling full and helps you burn more calories and fat, it also helps cleanse your system and improve your digestive health.

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