fat loss secret

Fat Loss Secret

In this article we’re going to reveal a pretty easy fat loss secret that is simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before!

This is one of those things that I came across that I couldn’t wait to share with you because it relies on the most fundamental aspect to losing fat consistently – variation in your training.

So before we get into the secret the question you should be asking yourself is: “when was the last time I added variation to my workout?”

If your answer is longer than 6 weeks of doing the same workout then you know it is time to change it up right now. Not sure how to change it up? Well it doesn’t necessarily mean looking for a completely different workout plan. It does however mean that if you were lifting light weights and going for 14 reps, it’s a great idea to now go through 6 weeks of lifting heavier and aiming for a maximum of 10 reps instead.

But here is where my easy little secret can help you add variation in a way that you probably didn’t think about…

Fat Loss Secret Revealed

Change your stance with your workouts. If you were doing bicep curls sitting on a bench, try them standing up with one foot on the bench, or sitting on stability ball or standing on a bosu ball/balance board.

This variation technique is so simple to put into effect and yet can really challenge you in some interesting ways.

For instance, sitting on a stability ball will really bring your abs and core into play to keep you stable. Standing with one foot on a bench will force your body to align perfectly and remind you to keep your shoulder blades back to get the perfect movement. Seated on an incline bench will take your body out of it and force you to focus strictly on your arms.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Change the angles, change you stance (feet close together, feet far apart), bring in stability changes and you will continue to shock your body and not allow it to conform to a regular day-in/day out routine.

This means greater energy used to do the same exercise and more energy spent means greater fat loss and greater adjustments to your metabolism for hours after you stop working out.

Top 3 Fat Loss Supplements

A reminder for those of you who are asking about the top fat burning supplements in the market today. Burning fat with supplementation means using thermogenic stimulators which blast through belly fat. These are the top 3 selling fat loss supplements:

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Fat Oxidation Stimulator (Try: Magnum Nutraceuticals CLA)

Try this fat loss secret out and let me know how it comes along by leaving a comment below…