diets for weight loss

Diets for Weight Loss

Do you believe diets for weight loss work as a long-term sustainable plan? Well if you haven’t discovered the truth yet jump over to my Facebook page to see what most of my group has to say about diets!

It’s incredibly encouraging as a health coach to know now that most people are coming to realization that all the diet programs out there are pretty much designed for short-term success.

Yes that does include Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet and all the other big ones that come in season once or twice a year. But what about all the celebrity success stories?

Diets for Weight Loss = Road to Failure
Well in that case, the proof is in the pudding! Take a look at celebrities where money isn’t even an issue such as Oprah, Kirsti Alley and even some of the guys like Russel Crowe and Gerrard Butler.

At one point or another they have gone through the yo-yo affect where they look good for a short period of time but then bounce back and most times even worse than they were before.

I think this says something to all those people who say that they could be totally fit too if they had a personal trainer, a chef and people to do their house chores. This is a wake up call for all you people who haven’t gotten it yet…

Diets for Weight Loss: The Reality

The reality is that it is absolutely critical to long-term success for you to really appreciate how good eating well and exercising regularly feels.

Sure it’s a challenge at first when your body isn’t used to it, and sure there are going to be days where your motivation is slashed but the one golden nugget you should get from this article is to focus on that euphoric good feeling you get on those days where you have slept and eaten well and had a killer endorphin rush after your workout.

To be honest that one feeling is what has kept me on track for most of my life and my dedication to always learning more and trying out new foods, exercises and workout plans that would even challenge a young athlete. I’ve seen men and women in their mid 50’s who have made me want to strive for being my best no matter what age I’m at.

Can you say the same? Why or why not? Think about this and be honest with yourself, even take the step to leave a comment at the end of this article to make this a reality regardless of how harsh it is.

Time to Replace Diets for Weight Loss with Smart Healthy Living

There are several hundred articles on this blog which cover almost every aspect of weight loss and training reaching all ages and sexes so it is up to you to take this knowledge and make a smart educated healthy nutrition and workout plan that meets your needs.

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I could go on and on with this article but I think I’ve covered some fundamentals that you should really take to heart because I know it will work if you throw out the idea that diets actually work with weight loss. In reality what will work is you and your mental game with being your best one day at a time.