7 Daily Habits that Will Make You Healthier

Change Your Behaviors, Change Your Health

You know you need to make that conceded effort to get healthier and sometimes it can definitely feel overwhelming. Because of this, I spend a lot of time working with clients on their fitness and even their eating habits. But sometimes it’s really important to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture of your health.

To help you do just that, here are 7 daily habits you can adopt to achieve a healthier you. These are simple things, but life is in the details. These strategies can make you feel healthier and more energetic, as well as fight stress and anxiety.

Look beyond the gym, and start thinking about your health in a more complete way with these simple daily habits.

Simple Daily Strategies to Make You Healthier & Happier

1. Set Your Alarm 15 Minutes Earlier

It may sound counter-intuitive at first, but getting up a little earlier so that you don’t have to rush all morning can totally change your entire day. Rushing to get ready, rushing to leave, rushing to work, and still being late make for a stressful start to anyone’s day.

2. Start Your Day with a Positive Affirmation

This is a simple habit that can really go a long way. Rather than waking up all stressed out, try waking up with a positive reflection. It’s easy to do. Before getting out of bed, tell yourself that your day is going to be positive, or remind yourself of the good things in your life. Expressing gratitude can have a big impact on your mood.

3. Replace Coffee with Green Tea

You may feel you need the coffee every morning, but coffee can have a lot of negative side effects for your health, especially mentally. It can lead to anxiety and jittery feelings that are totally counter-productive, despite the energy boost. For a more calming alternative to your caffeine fix, try Green Foods Matcha Green Tea.

4. Listen to Relaxing Music

Try calming down your iPod choices a bit and listen to some music that’s actually relaxing. A fast beat can actually make you feel more stressed out, or like you’re running short on time.

5. Chew Your Food More Slowly

Eating doesn’t have to be a race, even on the busiest days. I’ve found that actually taking a few extra minutes to enjoy my food has been a great way to find some peace in a hectic day. This is essentially a form of mindfulness, and it’s a great stress reliever.

6. Take the Stairs Whenever You Can

You can’t give yourself any excuses for this one. If you commit yourself to taking the stairs whenever you can, you’ll be surprised by the energy boost you get out of it, even on your most tired days. And that little bit of exercise will make you feel a whole lot healthier.

7. Stretch at Every Opportunity

My last healthy habit will heal your mind and your body. Stretching is a great thing for your overall health, and it doesn’t have to be reserved for the mornings or for your yoga class. I recommend taking the opportunity to stretch whenever you can. It’s rejuvenating, and it actually helps you deal with stress!

Which ones of these 7 Daily Habits that Will Make You Healthier are you going to attempt? Please leave a comment below…