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Nutrition Tips for 6 Pack Abs

If you think about it the right way, 6 pack abs becomes a much easier accomplishment if you start integrating smart nutrition tips into your daily routine.

The best part of this approach is that it is really taking the power of the cumulative to make a large impact in the fat that is covering the sexy ab muscles beneath it.

Another way to think about it is that by eliminating just a cookie a day which can have about 200 calories means that in 5 days you have already saved 1000 unnecessary calories!

You’re going to like this list because I keep it super simple and straight forward, all you have to do is implement it and you are going to see some impressive results.

Nutrition Tips for 6 Pack Abs: The List

  1. If you haven’t done it already eliminate soda drinks which are full of useless high fructose calories. Replace with soda with fresh cucumber or lemon juice flavour. Savings: about 150 calories a day!
  2. Switch to non-fat milk. You can get your fat calories from better sources like Omega 3’s. Savings: 137 calories a day!
  3. Replace creamy or oily salad dressings with low calorie variations. Savings: 100-300 calories a day!
  4. Instead of a muffin/bagel/donut in the morning switch to 2 eggs and a whole grain piece of toast. Savings: 200-400 calories a day!
  5. Got to have a chocolate fix? Try a chocolate milk whey protein smoothie (Gaspari’s Myofusion is absolutely delicious).  Savings: 200 calories a day!
  6. Try grilling a nice filet of salmon or halibut instead of ground beef for dinner.  Savings: 100 calories per day!
  7. Instead of a full plate of rice or pasta, steam or grill up some veggies and add tons of herbs and seasoning for flavour.  Savings: 200-400 calories a day!
  8. Use whole-wheat wraps for your sandwiches instead of tortilla or other types of wraps.  Savings: 100 calories a day!

Nice and easy list right? One word of warning! Although I’ve mentioned savings of calories, the idea here is not to get caught up in counting calories all day but rather to make smarter decisions throughout our week so we can make a significant dent in the fat that is residing around our midsection.

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Nutrition Tips for 6 Pack Abs: Conclusion

Take this list to heart and make the change today so you can reap the rewards the next time you go out and simply feel at your best. One thing a day can really make a difference at the end of the week so stop making exceptions and follow-through, I know this will effect you in so many positive ways and you will be a much happier person.

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