yoga exercises to reduce stress

Yoga Exercises to Reduce Stress

In the ongoing search for health and happiness, stress inevitably gets in the way. But at the end of the day, it’s all in how we deal with it!

And one of the best stress relievers out there is yoga.

Yoga has gained a ton of popularity in the last couple decades, particularly for its ability to make you more flexible and more relaxed. While all yoga can help you reduce stress (in addition to becoming more lean and toned), some yoga exercises and poses are especially effective stress relievers.

This article takes a look at the best yoga exercises to reduce stress. If you’re been feeling under the wire or just overwhelmed with life, these are some great options for getting back on track!

Best Yoga Exercises to Reduce Stress

For all of these poses, make sure you’re breathing deeply and continuously. Hold all poses for at least 30 seconds, depending on your preference. Longer poses are generally better at reducing stress.

1. Downward Dog – This is a pretty common yoga pose, but it’s great for relieving stress. Start with your hands and feet on the floor at hip’s width, with your hands extended a couple feet in front of you. Lower your head and straighten your arms, while also straightening your legs, forming a V-shape with your body. Your arms, shoulders, and back should all be aligned as you push into the pose. This is a great stretch for your shoulders and back!

2. Knees-to-Chest – This one will make you feel like a kid again, and it’s sure to lighten your mood. Lie on your back and pull your knees into your chest. Wrap your arms around your knees and pull them close as you rock gently from side to side. You’ll feel your back totally loosen up!

3. Child’s Pose – This one is pretty basic, but spend a few minutes in this pose and you’ll feel the stress just wash away. Rest with your knees on the floor and your feet about shoulder width apart or closer. Slowly and gently bend your torso forward, bringing your head to the ground in front of you with your arms extended ahead. As you breathe deeply, move your head lower to the ground.

4. Corpse Pose – This is the most basic of all yoga exercises. It simply involves lying face-up on the floor with your arms by your sides. Corpse pose is especially relaxing at the end of a yoga session, but even on its own, it’s surprisingly soothing. In fact, many people fall asleep during this pose!

5. Lotus Pose – Lotus pose is the most common meditation pose in yoga. Whether it’s a full lotus pose (legs crossed) or half lotus pose (one leg placed under the opposite thigh), this is the perfect exercise for breathing deeply and meditating. A slow rhythmic breath for 5-10 minutes can help you completely unwind and relax!

Yoga Exercises to Reduce Stress – Conclusion

Hopefully you’ll find some relief with these stress reducing yoga exercises! If you’re a beginner to yoga and feel a little intimidated by yoga classes, this Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit gives you some great at-home yoga options.

And remember to always stay hydrated throughout any yoga workout. VPX Coco Fit Coconut Water is one of the best options for refueling and hydrating your body!

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