Using Cross-Fit Principles To Tone Your Core

To start your week off right, this intense 10 minute core workout will burn fat, tone your midsection, and redefine your abs.

In order to see real results, you have to get intense. This workout is all about intensity, designed from a cross-fit perspective to get your heart rate up and the sweat pouring. Everyone’s talking about cross-fit lately, but you don’t have to take a class to reap the benefits.

The basic principles of cross-fit can be applied anywhere, anytime. The idea is to engage in total body exercises that you move through as quickly as possible, and without much rest in between. By staying totally engaged in this way, you not only build and strengthen muscle, but you also burn a ton of fat and see some serious toning results.

By the way, more than half the battle to get your abs to show is to have a really solid and timely meal plan. To take the guess work out for you I’ve designed a full meal plan which is also divided for women and for men

Today’s focus is on your abdominal and core muscles. This muscle group plays an important role in your total body strength and fitness, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s get intense…

10 Minute Core Challenge

Remember, there are no rest periods in cross-fit, especially when you’ve only got 10 minutes.

I’m giving you 4 exercises. The goal is to run through each exercise back to back, according to the number of reps indicated. When you finish one round, start over immediately.

Your goal: The aim is to complete 8 rounds in 10 minutes, but go at your own pace and remember to push, the harder you push the better the results with this one.

Your challenge: The one thing you never give up with this is watching your form.  Always have your back in a position like there is a bar running through it vertically and tighten those abs every single rep.

Your exercises: Complete 1 set each of the following exercises back to back, repeatedly for 10 minutes.

3 Deadlifts with Barbell – Grab a barbell and load it with a pretty challenging weight. Plant your feet at shoulder width, grip the bar with both hands (overhand grip), and lift up as you straighten your legs and back. Hold for 1 count, and return to floor. Perform 3 reps.  To view this exercise, click here.

6 Box Jumps – Find a jump box of about 3- inches height. If your gym doesn’t have jump boxes, you can easily use a workout bench for this one. Simply stand immediately in front of the box or bench (with your face turned towards it), and jump up onto it in one swift movement. Jump back down, and repeat, performing 6 reps.

10 Ab Crunches – Lie with your back against a workout mat, and plant your feet so that there’s a bend in your knees. Hold your hands behind your head for support (without pulling), and engage your core as your bring your shoulders and chest towards your knee. Return to starting with control. Perform 10 reps. To view this exercise, click here.

3 Woodchoppers (each side) – Plant your feet at shoulder width, and hold a dumbbell in one hand. Start by holding the dumbbell above your head and standing straight. In control, lower into a squat as you bring the dumbbell down and across your body. Immediately push back up to starting position. That’s 1 rep. Perform 3 reps per side. To view this exercise, click here.

Make sure you fuel up after an intense workout like this one. I like to take a more natural approach when it comes to staying hydrated, which is why I like to mix some ice cold water and some BCAA’s to help with recovery, the orange dream flavour of Evlution Nutrition: BCAA Energy is awesome, tastes like a creamsicle and has zero calories.  Tip: start sipping this throughout your workout to speed up recovery.

Have any questions or feedback about my 10 Minute Core Challenge? Please leave a comment below…