weight loss myths debunked

Weight Loss Myths Debunked Part 3

In our ongoing effort to bring you the truth about popular weight loss myths and fads we have collected a few more of the “amazing weight loss secrets!” that just aren’t worth your time!

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Take in mind that these weight loss myths debunked will help you to pave the right path in your weight loss goals and save you a lot of time and frustration.

Myth #1 – Juice diets burn fat fast and permanently

Think about what a juice fast actually entails. It literally means you do nothing but drink juice for a specific amount of days. This is a popular trick of celebrities for weight loss before awards shows. But consider it carefully.

Celebrities are already in good shape. They exercise regularly and eat well. It is a part of their job to look a certain way. So going on a juice fast for three days before an appearance helps them lose a pound or two and maybe tighten a bit in problem spots but it is not their every day routine and it is not realistic for long term weight loss.

Juice can be very good for you. Fruits and vegetables have tons of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body needs to work properly and feel good. But they do not supply everything you need and by only drinking juice you will put your body into starvation mode.

Watch out for many trainers and nutritionists who recommend that you do a juice fast for a day or two every couple of months. They may praise a juice fast to be a good way to flush the system but you aren’t going to get any maintainable results from a juice diet and in fact you can place quite a bit of strain on your organs to compensate for not having all the necessary daily nutrients.

Save your health and avoid juice diets with a ten foot pole. #1 of the weight loss myths debunked!

Myth #2 – Exercising for hours is the best way to get results

Yes, the people on the weight loss TV shows lose 10 pounds in one week from exercising constantly. They are also assisted by professional trainers, their meals are prepared for them and they have a medical team standing by. And they almost always gain back some weight once they go home.

Why? Because exercising for hours every day is unrealistic and you need a perfect diet to make sure you sustain and maintain any muscle loss.

Ask professional athletes; their intense workouts take a toll on their bodies. You risk causing damage to your joints by over-working your body and you deny your muscles the time they need to repair themselves between workouts.

The math of weight loss is simple. Calories in versus calories out. Unless you are training for the Olympics you only need to do 30-60 minutes of cardio and some strength training 3-4 times a week along with a reasonable diet plan to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. #2 of the weight loss myths debunked!

Myth #3 – You can burn belly fat by wrapping your stomach in rubber or plastic

This one is almost comical. Sure, wrapping yourself up in rubber or plastic might tighten your stomach up, at least while the rubber or plastic is still wrapped around it.

You may even lose a teeny, tiny bit of water weight through sweating but, no, you will not be burning fat by using this trick. Fat is burned through exercise and exercise alone. #3 of the weight loss myths debunked!

Conclusion: Weight Loss Myths Debunked Part 3

Keep a good head on your shoulders and avoid all these pitfalls which are designed only to give short term results or just to be some gimmick to grab your money. Train hard and be proud of your effort, this will lead to long term success.

If you have enjoyed this series of articles please leave me a comment below, along with any other strange things you have heard that could give miraculous weight loss results and I will make sure to continue this series…