overeating causes and how to stop

Overeating – Causes and How to Stop!

Probably one of the most common problems many of us face is overeating. And if we couple that with junk foods then we have an ever bigger problem.

I hope you enjoyed the first part in this series about Junk Food and hopefully it gave you a different perspective on what to think of when you are faced with making the decision to have or to have not!

So let’s now take a real look at the real reasons behind us overeating and how to combat this problem.

Tip 1 – Hydration
The first and most important part is to always be consciously aware of your hydration levels. It is a FACT that a lot of times when our stomach feels empty and we have hunger pains what we really are is THIRSTY. Did you get that?

So drink a tall glass of water as soon as you feel a little hungry and see how that affects your appetite. I have referenced this already in both my video to cut out sodas (Video Health Tip 2), as well as my article on Burn Fat Now (where your mourning routine should include lots of water).

Ok now that we‘re well hydrated we already have a big step on preventing overeating. Our brain knows not to confuse our thirst with the need for unnecessary calories from food.

Tip 2 – Smaller Meals
The second important fact to know about hunger and over eating is that there is about a 20-30minute delay in our brain processing the information from our stomach that we are full.

So, the magic trick here is that if you can, try and split up your meal into two parts. Have half, then wait 30 minutes to have the other half. The reason I call this part magic is because it takes a lot of will power to not just eat the whole meal all in one taking. Also, it can be tricky to fit this into our busy schedule right?

But in reality, this goes hand in hand with the one thing that all nutritionists, dietitians and doctors recommend for easy weight loss. Eat more frequently but less. So instead of 3 big meals, aim for at least 5 smaller meals. And if you split your lunch into two sessions that means two small meals already! (Make sure you’ve already read – Lose Weight, Eat More)

Another perfect smaller meal is a protein smoothie which can include excellent antioxidants such as fresh fruit &/or fruit juice (I highly recommend Acai berry juice – Benefits of Acai Berry).

How easy is that? On your busy days at the office, you can always have whey protein powder on hand to quickly whip up the healthiest and easiest to make snack on the planet, a protein smoothie! (just add water, ice and acai juice and you’re good to go!).

Now I’ve given you a lot to consume with this article already especially because it ties in so many other articles I’ve written, but there is on last tip…

Tip 3 – Relax with Cheat Days
You may be getting overwhelmed with thinking that you must have the perfect diet all the time to have this all work. RELAX! Even when I got on this train to healthy eating I would have tendencies to give up because I just couldn’t be perfect all the time.

So allow yourself a day or two where you relax a little. For me this is the weekends and works great when I’m out with friends. I still try and make wiser choices when ordering but having French fries once in a while isn’t going to ruin everything as long as you stick to your overall healthy eating plan. One even better, is to order the fries but just have half the serving (many restaurants will allow you to have half fries and half garden salad). Nice balance hey?

Ok that’s it…let me know how this helps you with your overeating, especially during the holidays when we have a tendency to throw our guidelines out the window. Do you have any other tricks that help with overeating?

Some supplements I recommend to combat overeating: