fat loss metabolism boosters

Fat Loss Metabolism Boosters

When it comes to metabolism I think we’re all on the same page in wanting to keep our metabolism as high as possible each and every day.

We’re going to look at a quick and easy list of steps to take to ensure we have a plan that will ensure a fast metabolism day in and day out.

Before we get into the list I’d like to take a look at two components which define metabolism.

Metabolism: Catabolism

The first category of metabolism that we’ll quickly look at is catabolism. If you haven’t heard of the word catabolism it is the the process in our body which is focused on breaking down organic matter (i.e. food and sometimes even our muscle/fat if we didn’t eat enough) to provide energy to our organs.

Catabolism of our muscle cells occurs particularly when we haven’t supplied our bodies with the right food (nutrients). Unfortunately, the catabolic pathway is also what leads to fat loss so this fine line of breaking down fat and muscle can be a tricky one for those who want to try and do both at the same time.

Metabolism: Anaoblism

Anabolism on the other side of the spectrum is when our body uses the energy it has been fed to create cells – particularly muscle tissue. Having adequate essential amino acids in our diets is a key component to make sure we stay anabolic which is why whey protein should be a staple part of your daily diet.

Our hormone regulatory system plays a role with managing catabolism/anabolism which I believe merits an article in itself (if you’d like that make sure to leave me a comment below).

Now let’s get onto the metabolism boosters…

Fat Loss Metabolism Boosters

1. Include resistance training with weights into your workout routine if you haven’t done so already (you can find numerous workouts in the workouts and training section of this site).

Resistance training is the largest component to stimulating growth of muscle and the best part is that there is a residual effect of keeping your metabolism elevated for hours after you stop working out. Muscle tissue also uses up calories even at rest so the more muscle tissue you have the greater your total metabolic expenditure in a day.

2.Supplement with healthy fats. Healthy fats such as Omega-3’s play a major role in the repair of our cells and the development of hormones in our body. So even though you may be gaining some calories from these fats, they are in the long run going to help you keep your metabolism at an optimal level. If you are looking for a good brand with filtration to remove toxic chemicals found in fish try AllMax Nutrition Omega 3.

3. Don’t fear carbohydrates. Carbohydrates have gotten a really bad rap lately and yet they are a key factor in our metabolic energy pathway. In other words, if you have a fatigue problem often it is most likely because you haven’t had enough carbs especially after your last workout when your body was needing the carbs to replenish your stores.

With that said it’s important to focus on getting your carbs from veggies, fruit and lentils/beans as much as you can. This will keep your body optimized with the right amount of vitamins/minerals and particularly fiber which will slow digestion and prevent the carbs from being stored as fat.

4. Increase your protein intake. This is a hard one to do without also increasing your calorie intake substantially. That’s why having whey protein smoothies as part of your daily routine is a really good idea since they are devoid of a ton of calories. If you are looking for a super yummy protein and are a fan of chocolate milk try Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion or if you want a premium blend with no lactose try Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey.

5. Increase your High Intensity Cardio. If you do your cardio using the method of High Intensity Interval Training then you will be exercising in the anaerobic zone. You’ll notice a very large increase in your body temperature even hours after you stop and your body will be expending extra calories to recover. Just make sure to include a good post-workout nutrition strategy after this kind of training – a fruit protein smoothie will be a great idea in this case.

Conclusion: Fat Loss Metabolism Boosters

So as you see with this list, nothing should come as a huge shock, but the key thing is to stick with all of them. As a single unit none of these tips are nearly as effective as the combination of all of them together. With all that’s said and done, it’s not going to be easy fighting your cravings all the time when your goal is fat loss, but the above 5 tips will make quite a dent in that belly fat which may have been plaguing you for quite some time now. Stay positive, push hard and challenge yourself to not give up, with that mentality you will succeed?