top supplements 2011

Top Supplements 2011

When it comes to supplements there are thousands and thousands of brands and different hyped up products that are being pushed by intensive advertising campaigns but how do we differentiate the good from the bad?

If you feel you’re like me and a bit new-school with being open to supplements and not knocking something until you try it yourself then I hope this article is right up your alley.

The key thing to remember is that most of us don’t have enough hours in our days and even if we do sometimes it’s hard making sure we have the perfect diet day in and day out. Supplements should be treated just as their name suggests, supplementing your already healthy diet. Don’t lose focus of that in any way. Just because you are taking a thermogenic supplement doesn’t mean you can eat chocolate and chips all day long!

So what is a good way to gauge the top supplements for this year? I like to use the power of the web and its ability to bring people together to review and leave feedback on supplements as my best weapon in choosing what may work for me and my clients. I’ve found to be a great resource in this aspect since they have a great review system in place and are quite reputable in the brands that they carry (P.S. I did some research for you and found you guys a coupon to use: use this link and coupon code 5off100 to get $5 off if you spend more than $100).

Now let’s get on with the top supplements for 2011…

Top Supplements 2011

1. Optimum 100% Whey Protein – with over 3345 reviews from men and women of all ages and a rating of 9.0 this protein is the cream of the crop. It consists of the purest and highest grade whey protein and is the gold standard in the industry for quality. 1 scoop will get you 24grams of protein and only 130 calories and yet will provide you with the amino acids your muscles need to grow strong and recover from your daily workouts. For more info click here.

2. USPlabs Jack3d – designed purely to take your workouts to the next level by giving you a boost in energy, power and endurance this is not for the faint of heart! In other words, if you are ever, and I mean ever lacking motivation have a small tiny scoop of this pre-workout drink and you will kill it at the gym. A great combination of arginine (NO) and Creatine to give your muscles a fantastic pump and increase your strength to allow you workout hard. For more info click here.

3. SciVation Xtend – branched chain amino acids are the magic formula when it comes to muscle recovery. This is especially powerful for those of you who get quite sore after your workouts so make sure to have a quick shake with Xtend added in within 30 minutes post-workout to help speed recovery. By the way, the watermelon flavour is actually quite good especially if you blend it with lots of ice. For more info click here.

4. Optimum 100% Casein Protein – if you thought all whey protein was made the same then you are in for a treat. Casein protein is a much slower to digest protein which makes it perfect for right before you go to bed. It’s slow absorption rate means that it feeds your muscles when they need it the most – when you are in the rest and recovery stage of sleep! I kept delaying getting this, but once I did I was quite astonished at the difference in made. For more info click here.

5. Optimum Fish Oil – although fish oil may sound kinda gross it really is the best source of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids that we require in our diet. If you wish you ate more fish to get the benefits then this supplement is a must. Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 are the building block of every cell in our bodies and have added benefits of supporting your heart and joint flexibility. For more info click here.

I’m going to stop it at this point and make the remaining 5 as part two of this article since I think this list so far has some of the most fundamental supplements we can all take at any age. Read Top Supplements 2011 Part 2.

If you have any questions or can’t wait to read the 2nd part of this article please leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your feedback!