top supplements 2011 part 2

Top Supplements 2011 Part 2

In the first part of the list for Top Supplements of 2011 I got a lot of great feedback from all over about how the list was right on in terms of ensuring providing the essentials to cutting out toned and defined muscle.

Now we’ll round off the list with some of the other top supplements of 2011 that are getting a ton of attention because of their effectiveness and we’ll also get into some more specialty products.

Once again remember that supplements have different results for different body types so I’m going to try and be as specific as possible on the objectives that the supplements will help you achieve, make sure these match your goals.

Top Supplements 2011 Part 2

6. Optimum 100% Natural Whey Protein – I searched high and low for a protein powder that had no artificial colors, perservatives, flavors or sweetners and so far this is one of the ones that I have found that actually tastes pretty amazing. At only $22 for 2lbs this is a great price considering the protein is also of the highest quality isolates which has a lot less cholesterol, fat, lactose and any of the other stuff you can do without. The vanilla flavour is perfect for mixing into fruit smoothies or even sprinkling onto your oatmeal to give it a protein boost to keep you full and your muscles nourished after your night fast. For more info click here.

7. Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX – you may have heard of SuperPump 250 before, it was a huge success in the industry because it was one of the first pre-workout energy matrix products that got you super motivated to get into the gym and provided some extremely fantastic results in fighting fatigue, increasing endurance and even fighting muscle soreness. Well the 2nd generation is out and it’s called SuperPump MAX which takes it to the next level with a tiny scoop which provides even more effective results. Full of vitamins and minerals this stuff just seems to have the right amount of everything to get you going. For more info click here.

8. USPlabs OxyElite Pro – while I don’t care for most “fat loss” pills, one that has impressed thousands is USPlabs OxyElite Pro. It’s a thermogenic fat buster that was designed specifically with the goal to help you cut down on your body fat. It increases your metabolism also reduces cravings for junk food. Although the main ingredients are plant extracts, it does also contain caffeine since caffeine helps with the uptake and in keeping your body burning calories so a good idea to stick with this in the AM. For more info click here.

9. Optimum Opti-Men & Optimum Opt-Women – if there is one supplement that should be different for men vs women, then that would be a multi-vitamin. We simply have different needs when it comes to these nutrients so it’s definitely worth investing in the right one that is for you. I’d also be weary of multi’s that promise to do everything in one small pill, that’s why the Opti series have 2 or 3 tablets as the serving size. These are great for meeting the needs of us who work out at least 3 times a week. For more info on Opti-Men click here & for more info on Opti-Women click here.

10. Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix – we all are fighting fat on a regular basis and I thought I’d save one of the best for last as MP’s Shred Matrix is quite revolutionary and a new product which is making huge waves in the industry for the results it provides. It has a complex blend of ingredients which includes an 8 stage fat loss system – increasing energy & metabolism, fights hunger and allows better nutrient absorption, stops sugar from crashing your system, enhances well being, eliminates excess water and provides razor sharp mental focus. Quite impressive as it also has a promise of not giving you jitters or causing you to crash. For more info click here.

Top Supplements 2011

This rounds up the top supplements of 2011 and will cover you whether you want to just lose some weight, tone up, cut through the belly fat and get ripped or just add some serious muscle mass.

If you have any questions on these supplements please leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your feedback!