top workout supplement questions

Top Workout Supplement Questions

If you are working out then supplements can really give you a boost in helping you get results with shedding fat, losing excess weight and most importantly putting on lean muscle mass with much greater strength.

The key thing with supplementation is that you are probably like me and on the run all he time so having the prefect meals and snacks on hand can be quite challenging.

The thing is that we need to have a certain amounts of proteins, fats, carbs and vitamins, minerals in a day so that we can continue to grow stronger and not get frustrated from dismal results after working out and this is where supplements can give you that edge that you need.

Let’s take a look at the several of the top workout supplement questions that I get asked all the time.

Workout Supplement Question #1

Obviously the first and foremost question I get asked is what are the top workout supplements for men and similarly for women?

Make sure to read these comprehensive articles where I’ve written about the different supplements for men and for women and how they can help you with your goals of leaning out, building muscle and losing belly fat:

Workout Supplement Question #2

Are there any concerns with taking all these supplements all together?

The way that I like to look at it is that on your workout days it’s a good idea to supplement to the best of your ability to make sure that you get all the necessary nutrients your muscles need to recover and grow. The question should really be amount the timing of these nutrients which is the next question.

Workout Supplement Question #3

So what is the best timing with supplements, is there a better time in the day to take them?

Generally your rule of thumb should always be that you read the label and follow the recommended suggestions, however let’s look at some of the basic principles.

In the mornings your body has been fasting for several hours so having a multivitamin and an Omega 3 supplement makes sure you get your body the essentials. I have also found that having a whey protein smoothie and adding a glutamine/recovery formula such as Scivation Xtend is a fantastic idea to replenish your muscles with amino acids.

For pre-workout it’s a good idea to have a whey protein smoothie about 60 minutes before, and about 30 minutes before having a workout energy matrix with creatine like USPLabs Jack3d or Muscle Pharm Assault to make sure your motivation is going to be at the level you need it to be to keep you always on track. Take it from me, this technique works because it puts you in a conscious level that will prevent you from getting lazy and making excuses of why you shouldn’t workout.

30 minutes post-workout you want to have a recovery formula such as Muscle Pharm Recon or a combo pack like the Recovery Stack if you find that sore muscles are always getting in your way. This combination together allows muscles to recover and grow so you don’t feel as sore and tired the next day.

Before bed: if your goal is to gain muscle mass then it’s a good idea to have a casein protein like Optimum 100% Natural Casein which is slow to digest to continually feed amino acids to your muscle while you are asleep (plus slower digestion means that it will be much less likely to be stored as fat).

Workout Supplement Question #4

Are there side effects from taking supplements?

There are a lot of misconceptions with side effects from supplements and unfortunately I find that the system in place was broken from the start. There haven’t been strict enforcement agencies put in place to monitor the supplement companies and checking to make sure that the ingredients area always as promised. With that said, I believe the power of the internet is your best weapon in knowing how good a supplement really is. If a supplement is introduced into the market and it is really good then you’ll see a lot of good reviews explaining the benefits people have received from taking them.

In the supplements section of this website we have broken down some of the best supplements in the industry and given you a quick rundown of what the supplement does, who it’s best for and the pros/cons of each one.

Top Workout Supplement Questions: Conclusion

I’d like to hear more of your questions and make this a series of articles that can give you a very strong reference to come back to anytime you want more info on supplements so please make sure to leave your questions in the comment box below and I will write up a follow up article to this one.