carb cycling for weight loss

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

If you’ve heard about carb cycling for weight loss then you actually have a more deep level of understanding on the biochemical processes that happen in our body and that knowledge is actually quite powerful.

To tell you the truth, I was actually quite surprised when I spoke to another trainer who had some killer fitness shots and he mentioned that carb cycling allowed him to get the most ripped he has ever been.

Let’s get a quick rundown on carb cycling and how you can lose it very effectively for weight loss.

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss: The Concept

Carb cycling is actually quite an advanced technique which was developed since fitness athletes found that low carb diets caused a number of very negative side effects. As you may have already noticed if you’ve tried a low carb diet, your body reacts in a number of different ways, including a difficulty with focusing and concentrating, a lower metabolic rate, increased uncontrollable hunger cravings, and worst of all a decrease in energy levels when on a continuous exercise plan.

Carb cycling side-steps these negative side effects because it focuses on mixing lower carb days with higher carb days. Thus fitness models and bodybuilders have found this to be a much more pleasant approach to shredding fat especially since the higher carb days allow your body to replenish it’s energy stores which also give the muscles a more defined and pumped look.

This may sound easier than it is but in fact, it takes a lot of discipline and planning.

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss: Keys to Success

In order for carb cycling to have the right effect, you will need to keep some things in mind:

  • Having high carb days on the days when you train the heaviest with your weights
  • Drinking adequate water on high carb days to help with digestion
  • Some noticeable water weight gain will happen but will also be shredded on your low carb days
  • High carb days require complex carbs such as oatmeal, pasta, brown rice and potatoes
  • To combat fat gain, reduce fat in diet on high carb days
  • In this case you’ll want to watch that your calorie level doesn’t go too high

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss: Implementation

If you are ready to try and implement this strategy my best advice would be to start gradually implementing lower and higher carb days into your weekly schedule. This will allow your body to adapt a little so that it isn’t too intense on your energy pathways. Notice that I said on the high carb days that you must also reduce your fat intake so this doesn’t mean you can have cupcakes and think that you won’t store fat in the process.

Supplementation to Help with Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

Hunger blocker and thermogenic for low carb days (try: OxyElite Pro)
Low carb high protein whey (try: Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey)
Creatine and energy optimizer for high carb days (try: SuperPump Max)
High Carb protein drink for high carb days (try: Cytosport Cytogainer)

Remember to watch your water intake, it’s going to have to be at least 4 litres a day to get optimal results. If you try this out or have any questions please leave a comment below…