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Healthy Diet Plan for Women: Lunch

Ok we’re well on our way in Phase 3, and you should have had some pretty healthy breakfasts this week (if not please read Healthy Diet Plan for Women).

Today we’re going to look at some super healthy and yummy lunch ideas. Some of you may ask about calories but I want to get you out of that head state because I think it leads to too much stress when eating and leads you down a wrong path. A much better idea is to try these ideas and see how your body specifically changes.

In other words, increase or decrease your portion size according to how your body feels. If you’re not fully satisfied after eating then add some more veggies and make sure to drink lots of water so you get more minerals and nutrients and allow the water to also satisfy any dehydration (which may be disguised as hunger).

If you are wondering if you should have had a snack between breakfast and lunch, the answer is a definite YES! But let’s take everything a step at a time and first focus on your staple meals. Of course, I will be including an article dedicated specifically for healthy snacks, but in the meantime I would suggest ordering yourself some Whey Protein powder. The benefits are completely overwhelming and I even have my mom enjoying the benefits from including it in her diet. I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet as it includes riboflavin and folic acid which has extra benefits for women.

Have any questions or feedback about any of this? Please leave a comment below, I would love to get more feedback from you ladies, don’t be shy!

Sample Healthy Diet Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch Idea 1:

Flaxseed wrap
Lean ham slices (3 or 4)
Yellow Pepper slices
Organic greens
1 tbsp organic mustard (organic mustard has been proven to have more nutrients)
Sprinkle of ground black pepper
Side of celery

Healthy Lunch Idea 2:

Spinach wrap
Lean turkey slices (3 or 4)
1 tbsp honey mustard
Organic greens
Cucumber slices
Sprinkle of ground thyme or corriander
Side of carrots

Healthy Lunch Idea 3:

Whole wheat wrap
Lean chicken slices (3 or 4)
1 tbsp reduced fat mayo
Organic greens
Tomato slices
Sprinkle of black pepper
Side of green pepper slices

Healthy Lunch Idea 4:

Tomato wrap
Lean chicken breast chunks (4 or 5)
2 Tbsp hummus
Organic Greens
4 Strawberries sliced
12 soy nuts
Lemon juice
Ground Black pepper

Healthy Lunch Idea 5:

2 cups fresh spinach
Handful of crushed walnuts
5-6 dried cranberries
Lean chicken breast chunks (4 or 5)
2 tbsp low fat cottage cheese
2 tbsp ginger soy dressing

Healthy Lunch Idea 6:

2 cups organic greens
Handful of crushed almonds
1/2 green apple sliced
Smoked salmon
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Fresh lime juice
Sprinkle of ground pepper

Healthy Lunch Idea 7:

2 slices whole grain bread (or gluten free)
1/2 can white tuna (or fresh tuna gets major bonus points!)
1 tbsp low fat mayo
Handful spinach
2 small carrots sliced
Fresh lime juice

Conclusion Healthy Diet Plan for Women: Lunch

I don’t know about you but this list of lunch ideas has made me pretty hungry, and the great thing is that they are all very tasty and extremely healthy. Be creative with this and add different herbs and spices to really bring out the flavour. Also remember to add as much of your favorite vegetables as you like, it’s hard to go wrong with that.

When you’re ready for your healthy dinner ideas go here – Healthy Diet Plan for Women: Dinner

Please give me feedback and leave other ideas on this article by leaving a comment below, I appreciate it very much!