eliminate love handles

Eliminate Love Handles

When was the last time you had someone put your arms around your waist and give you a comment about how firm you feel? Maybe never? Or have you felt uncomfortable sitting down while in your bathing suit because you know what that will look like from behind?

Well some of us store pudge around our waists more than others and you may have already tried some techniques to specifically eliminate love handles but didn’t have much success.

So what steps should you take to tone up the love handles (aka obliques)? Is it countless sit-ups and core exercises, or a completely different approach which you need to implement?

The Truth About Your Love Handles

Unfortunately, love handles are to an extent a genetic thing. These genetic traits determine where your body stores fat, and if you’re like me you wish it could be just in your biceps and ankles! If only we could dictate this to our bodies right?

Ok so what if it’s not entirely genetic and it’s just that we have excess fat all over? In this case, we need to focus our workouts on lowering our total body fat percentage.

We can only do spot focus training with a limited degree of success so we need to make sure we workout our muscles in a manner which will burn the most calories. Let’s look at what this will take…

Eliminate Love Handles Training

Ok, so we need to reduce total body fat, and you’re wondering what is the quickest yet healthiest way of doing this. Here are two great approaches:

Circuit Training

Do 2-3 workouts a week where you are incorporating circuit training. The idea behind circuit training is to do a number of exercises together in succession with no or little rest between them. They can be exercises which target two completely different muscles so you give one the ability to recover while you do the other.

Circuit training works to eliminate love handles because even when you are training with weights it creates a pseudo-cardio workout which revs up your metabolism and makes your body burn fat at an accelerate rate.

Power Training

Power training involves an exercise which works out multiple muscles at the same time. An example would be squat and press with a barbell where you are using almost all your leg muscles to lower and raise your body and then pressing the barbell with your arms to also include your shoulders and back.

If you do any exercises like this you will notice that you get tired very quickly whereby your body depletes your glycogen (blood-sugar) stores at a rapid rate. This is awesome because this is what need to do to make this a fat busting workout.

Try doing a session where you do a few sets of three or four power training exercises with high repetitions and you will be completely exhausted. That is why this is kind of training is such a big part of cross-fit, and mixed-martial arts training, simply because they are so effective.

Eliminate Love Handles Nutrition

It should come to no surprise that even though the training suggestions above can really help with lowering overall body fat, you cannot eliminate your love handles if you don’t watch your diet.

A good way of going about this is to be conscious of taking out just one unhealthy food item each day and replacing it with a raw food like an exotic fruit or berry. This will keep it interesting and allow you to still have fun with your diet all the while accumulating bonus points that make you feel good about how much control you can have over your will-power.

Want to see an example of a diet plan which can help you eliminate love handles check out my recent article on diet fat loss plan.

Supplements to Eliminate Love Handles and Burn Fat Quickly

If you want to super-intensity your workouts with an energy booster try USPLabs Jack3d, this stuff works and hence why it is the number one workout supplement in the industry right now. Others you may want to consider is a thermogenic fat burner such as OxyELITE Pro but be warned this stuff is pretty powerful.

Eliminate Love Handles

You’ve got a powerful arsenal under your belt to reduce your belt size and eliminate love handles. Put together power training, circuit training with a healthy diet plan which is devoid of processed foods and you will be doing all that you can to make this work.

Just remember one thing, take it one day at a time, one step at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself with always trying to be perfect, the point is that you challenge and have fun at the same time.

If you have any questions or feedback about how to eliminate waste size please leave a comment below…