healthy weight loss tips

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

The past little while you may have felt overwhelmed with reading so much about lose weight this way, lose weight that way, blah, blah, am I right?

Some of the advice you may have been given from friends might have felt at times quite questionable, especially crash diets like the cabbage soup craze which yes it will help you lose weight but you may also lose your mind in the process. Hopefully you know better and have stayed away from absurd advice like this which can downright be hazardous to your health.

It’s a tough game to play and we all play it day in and day out especially trying to get right in our heads what will really work for us and what will be actually a healthy way to weight loss.

So these tips will help you get past it all and make it easy, straight forward and simple to follow, take my lead…

Healthy Weight Loss Tip #1: Morning Psychology

Breakfast goes a long way in the morning, your body has been fasting all night and it’s striving for clean nutrition to help fuel it for the day ahead. That is probably not news to you, but let’s get into the psychology of this a little more because I honestly think this is what we need to do to really get a hold of our morning will-power.

Let’s compare two scenarios. You wake up, make a coffee and have a muffin with some butter and jam and rush to get ready. Hmmm, caffeine is ok but a shock to our adrenal glands to wake us up quicker, and then lots of sugar combined with fats, not a great start. You may have not really thought about the nutrition this supplies to your body but what about this better scenario…

You wake up and slam down a tall glass of water, then make some eggs and a bowl of oatmeal with frozen berries & some honey on top. The nutrition is packed in this meal, we’ve got the essential amino acids in the eggs to repair and grow our muscles, the anti-oxidants in the berries to help keep our immune system in check and the carbs/fiber from the oats to fuel our body.

With this in mind, we’ve started our day with a healthy meal and our psychology will be stronger to keep this throughout the day because we already have made this effort. Really think about this because when you put it in place this will be an awesome weapon to carry you forward in your healthy eating.

Healthy Weight Loss Tip #2: Whey Protein for War

Still have doubts about how good whey protein is for you? It’s time to give this a try or at least become more consistent with having whey protein in your arsenal. Some of you may have tried having protein bars at hand all the time but a lot of times these protein bars are full of excess calories you don’t want.

Instead a better plan is to take a tub of whey protein with you to work so you always have it on hand. With flavours like Cookies and Cream or Delicious Milk Chocolate you really should take comfort in how good these drinks taste today.

And by the way, don’t go for the cheap variations you find in Walmart or Costco, these don’t mix well and taste all chalky and gross. Instead go for high quality variations like my two favorites which are Gaspari Myofusion and Optimum Natural Whey. Taste-wise they just don’t compare!

The great thing you’ll find about having whey protein with you at all times is that it is a great way to help you fight any cravings, especially if you take it right away when a craving is beginning to rear its ugly head.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Conclusion

I think it’s best to take these two tips and really apply them so you can see the benefits they provide particularly if you have weight loss as one of your goals which you want to overcome right now. If you like the angle this article covered with healthy weight loss please leave me a comment below and I’ll continue to build this out in future articles to get you that much closer to achieving your goals.