rapid weight loss tips

Rapid Weight Loss Tips

It’s time to get in top top shape and do it in rapid time by following some very easy additions in your life-style.

The target we’re going to hit is rapid weight loss that is still on the healthy side and involves your whole body so you see the greatest fat loss and development of sexy muscle tone.

Although some of these tips may seem like no-brainers the collection of them will attribute to an impressive change in your body and we’re talking weeks, not months!

Rapid Weight Loss Tips: #1

Taking stairs instead of escalators and elevators is a very easy way to get you off the lazy train and getting those legs toned and strengthened for your workouts.

I’ve taken this on in my building and run up 4 flights as quick as I can every day, a few times a day. If you have 30 flights to take an elevator up you can get just off on the 26th floor and run up the last 4.

I know it sounds kind of silly, but do this day after day and notice the difference in your legs and lower abs in just a few weeks.

What if stairs are still not an option? Then do some extra walking, park your car farther from the door and get some fresh air and enjoy your walk knowing that you are burning just a few extra calories each time, but that over a week means a few hundred extra calories burned.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips: #2

How fast can you do your cleaning? I’m not one who likes cleaning all the time, but I like to have a super clean place so instead of making it drag out I make it a mini-workout.

Vacuuming is awesome at this because you can activate all your core muscles to give you the best stability and at the same time repeat areas to make sure they are extra clean since you are going so fast.

Cleaning your kitchens and bath tubs are also sweet for burning extra calories, so next time you are at home and need a break from work or sitting on your butt, put in 10-15 minutes cleaning like mad and get a sweat going.

Now keep it up with changing your sheets more often and doing laundry with the goal of keeping your living space extra clean and your body moving.

Chores are great on your off days from the gym because it’s light and no-impact and yet keeps your metabolism going.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips: #3

Adding 15 minutes of light to moderate cardio in the morning or late in the evening does wonders with fat loss.

It sounds like a pain in the butt but instead it will shape your butt like none other to add 15 minutes of cardio to your current workout plan.

Obviously this is best on days you are not strictly focusing your training on cardio, so keep it mind but you can switch this up with biking, swimming, rollerblading or even a quick walk.

Pick one that suits you best, if you are a morning person then wake up in time to fit this in, and if you’re not then leave it to the end of the day and have a cool shower after to prepare you for bed (the cool shower will help drop your body temperature which is great for sleeping).

Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Supplements

The above tips are awesome but some of you will still want to be more aggressive and use a smart supplement strategy to burn extra calories during the day.

The number one thermogenic boosting supplement is by far USPlabs OxyELITE Pro as it helps with appetite regulation and increasing your fat burning metabolism throughout the day.

Many of you may also find that your motivation is lacking and this often keeps you back so a pre-workout energy matrix like Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX or Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix would give you that pump you need to get in the gym and do your thing.