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Weight Loss Tips: Ripped Abs Edition

Everyone wants ripped abs because they are so damn hard to get! If you’ve had them before you know how good they feel, and if you haven’t had them before just imagine sitting at your desk and not having your lower ab fat roll over the top part of your pants!

Try it now! Lie your hand on your tummy and feel how hard or how soft it is. This is a good way to measure your progress, if you’re dieting and training hard and in several weeks time you place your hand on your tummy and notice a difference it’s going to be a pretty cool feeling.

Screw the whole weight loss issue, it doesn’t mean anything compared to this feeling!

How about we look at 5 simple tips we can all think about when it comes to our nutrition and our goal to get ripped abs?

Tip #1: Whey Whey Whey

You’re not getting away easy here, whey protein is one of the most effective supplements when it comes to ripped abs. Being rich in the amino acid leucine, this single amino acid helps with fat metabolization (oxidation in this case).

The best part here is that all the other essential amino acids (essential in that we must obtain them through our diet) that whey protein provides is great for muscle recovery and production as well.

Furthermore, whey protein obviously decreases hunger and provides a powerful full feeling which can help you from being overcome with junk food.

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Tip #2: Eat Big!

Volume of food is an interesting topic. How do you know how much to really eat? Well try this one principle…try and eat as large as possible when it comes to vegetables. Their size, water content, and ability to make you chew a lot makes you feel fuller than almost any other food. Plus they contain tons of vitamins and minerals.

So the largest part of your meal should be a big portion of veggies on your plate. And don’t be shy to add herbs/spices or better yet grill them on your bbq with a little bit of olive oil and cayenne pepper! mmmmmm!

Tip #3: Eat Often

Sure some researchers may argue that eating often does not increase your metabolism like many health freaks say they do. But you won’t really know unless you try it for yourself. And we’re not talking about eating high-carb granola bars and similar packaged foods.

Instead of eating a large lunch, try splitting it into two and eating them 30min-1hr apart. Dare you to try this for a week and see the difference it makes!

Tip #4: Be Green

I’ve written about Green tea many times on this site (when you sign up to this site you should get the email about it – here is the link: 5 Day Course to Quick Weight Loss, a number of studies have shown that habitual drinkers of green tea have shown greater ability to maintain their weight than non-drinkers.

Green tea has heart-healthy antioxidants plus increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation for increased metabolism of fat.
Don’t like green tea? Make it easier and try Green Tea extract capsules, here is the most positively rated exact in the market – PrimaForce Lean Green.

Tip #5: Get Fishy

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to your diet, and most likely you aren’t getting enough each day so supplementation makes sense. The kicker is that Omega 3’s also help with fat metabolization so even though they are a fat, they actually can help you reduce your belly fat!

Guess what you also get some added benefits with Omega 3’s, they help keep your cardiovascular system top notch, your skin healthy and even decrease depression.

Supplementation with Omega 3’s is pretty inexpensive and if you’re worried about the high mercury content of fish then chosing a supplement that is from deep cold water fish is a good idea. Here is a great one I found that makes sure to be mercury free: AllMax Nutriton Omega 3.

Conclusion: Weight Loss Tips – Ripped Abs Edition

You are now one step closer to getting ripped abs, 5 simple tips – whey protein, eat big, eat often, green tea, and Omega 3’s! Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well diet is about 60% of your efforts towards ripped abs, so couple that with an intense training session and you’re going to see the fat melt away in front of your eyes.

Have any questions or feedback about these weight loss tips? Please leave a comment below…