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What Protein Powder Should You Use – Whey or Casein?

Protein powder is an essential supplement for anyone looking to improve their overall health, strength and endurance. But, what kind of protein powder is best for you? Is whey better than casein?

One form of protein is not better than the other, they just serve different purposes.

The main difference between the two kinds of protein is their rate of absorption…

Whey is a very fast acting protein. As soon as you take is, it starts being absorbed as fast as possible. It creates an insulin spike, and the protein is used very quickly.

Casein, on the other hand, is more sustained release. It’s goal is no to be absorbed as quickly as possible, but to be more sustained release. It doesn’t create as big of an insulin spike as whey.

What does this all mean? Well, it means that each protein has a specific application where they have more benefits over the other.

For example, the best time to take whey is right after a workout. After you have taxed your muscles, they have an immediate need for protein. So, having some whey is the best way to give your muscles what they need the most and allow them to start repairing themselves as fast as possible.

But, if you are getting ready to go to sleep and need a protein that will keep your body from going catabolic while you sleep, you should take some casein. Because it is released slowly, it will constantly feed your body with protein for a longer period of time and keep you full.

There are specific times when whey is most effective, and some times when casein would be better suited. The best plan of action is to include a combination of the two in your diet to achieve the maximum benefits!

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