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What you need to know about NOW Omega-3

NOW Omega-3 is an essential supplement not only for bodybuilders and athletes, but also for any active individual who strives to live a healthy life. Made primarily from fish oil, NOW Omega-3 is very successful in promoting cardiovascular health. In addition, taking the recommended daily dose (3 capsules daily) has been shown to promote fat oxidation and help with weight loss for people on a restrictive diet.

While it is very difficult to actually see the effects NOW Omega-3 has on an athlete or bodybuilder, frequent users have reported feeling healthier. Dieters have reported increased weight loss when supplementing their diet with NOW Omega-3.

Who is NOW Omega-3 for?

NOW Omega-3 is an essential supplement for anyone who:

  • Seeks to elevate their level of general health
  • Wants to focus on improving their cardiovascular health
  • Wants to increase their level of fat loss
Why you’d be interested in using NOW Omega-3

NOW Omega-3 provides the following benefits:

  • Provides your body with essential fatty acids it cannot produce itself
  • Increased fat loss when combined with a healthy diet
  • Odor Controlled: No fishy smells like similar products
The Cons/Disadvantages of NOW Omega-3

While there are very few disadvantages to NOW Omega-3, it is worth mentioning:

  • NOW Omega-3 is not organic
  • Results are not always visible
  • Omega-3’s can be taken in other products that include additional essential compounds and minerals
Common Misspellings

Some common misspellings include :

  • NWO Omeger 3
  • NOW Mega-3
  • NOW Omga 3
Our final verdict on NOW Omega-3

There is no doubt that almost everyone should be taking some form of Omega-3 supplement in their diet. It is extremely difficult to get the right amount of Omega-3 in your diet naturally, so it is a lot easier to just take a supplement like NOW Omega-3.

While you can’t see the effects of this product in the mirror or in the gym, you can be assured that your body is thanking you for giving it this essential fatty acid it otherwise can’t produce itself. Get the best price on NOW Omega-3 Today!

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