when is it time to take a diet break

When Is It Time To Take A Break From Your Diet?

Too many dieters fall into the trap of dieting for long periods of time. What usually happens is this: as the weeks move on, the pounds stop coming off.

Instead of taking a break from their diet, they just reduce calories or increase their levels of cardio, but, in the end, they don’t end up losing any more weight.

What they should have done is take a break from their diet. But, how do you know when it is time to take a break?

Many people take a break based on duration. For example, they will diet hard for 12 weeks, then plan to take a 2 week break then return to dieting. This is a great way to plan your diet, because you know when the end is near and will be willing to stick to your diet for those extra few days.

Some people like to do it in a less measurable way – they just listen to their body.

If you have ever been on a strict diet before, you know that your body changes, and your mind starts to play tricks on you. The longer you diet, the more you think about food until it is almost unbearable.

The mistake most people make at this point is to continue doing their diet. This usually leads to a breakdown, a large binge, and then some weight gain. If you have been dieting for a while, and all you can think about is food, or you are starting to feel depressed, it is probably time for a break from your diet.

It is extremely important to take a break from dieting once in a while. The longer you diet, the less sane you become, and the more difficult weight loss becomes! Don’t be afraid of taking a break – it doesn’t signal weakness, it is the smart thing to do!