best exercise to lose weight

Best Exercise to Lose Weight

In my years as a personal trainer and fitness coach, I’ve had the opportunity to witness real weight loss success firsthand.

Here’s what I’ve learned: There are some great exercises out there, ones that really push your limits, and there are some not so great exercises. The not so great exercises tend to let you off the hook too easily. But you’ve got to push it to see real results.

Today, I’m reviewing some of my top picks for weight loss exercises, including the #1 best exercise to burn fat and lose weight!

What to look for…

The best exercises for weight loss are the ones that work your entire body. The more muscles you use and the more energy you have to put out, the more calories and fat you’ll burn in the process. Sounds simple enough, right?

But that means pushing yourself, constantly challenging your stamina, and working up a big sweat. If you can’t get yourself into the right mindset, you’ll never see real success. This is why I always work on motivation with my clients before anything else. To help start you off on the right foot, check out my Weight Loss Motivation Tips that Work here.

What to avoid…

What you want to avoid is boredom and monotony. Doing the same exercises over and over again will just lead to stagnation and boredom. Instead, you have to constantly throw variety into your workout routine. You also want to avoid exercises that are too easy. Walking on the treadmill? Doing the leg press at the same weight week after week? This does not spell weight loss success.

My Top 5 Exercises to Lose Weight

#5 Step Ups (view exercise)

Step ups are pretty versatile, and they can be done at the gym or at home. This simple exercise combines cardiovascular exercise with resistance training for optimal results on every level. Using a workout bench or stairs, grab a set of dumbbells and simply step up and down, alternating between the feet you lead with.

#4 Stability Ball Squats (view exercise)

This one really challenges your lower body and core muscles. Grab a stability ball and place it between the wall and the middle of your back, holding the ball tightly in place. Slowly and in control, drop into a squat, making sure the ball doesn’t fall. Hold for a moment at the bottom, return to starting, and repeat.

#3 Jump Rope

Sick of the treadmill and elliptical machine? Start jumping rope instead. This is one of the best exercises you can do at home or at the gym, but it’s also one that’s frequently overlooked. You’ll work up a killer sweat and burn a ton of calories in half the time of any treadmill workout. If you’re looking for a high quality jump rope of your own, check out this Harbinger Jump Rope.

#2 Woodchopper (view exercise)

This is one of my favorite exercises, and once my clients get the hang of it, it’s usually one of their favorites too. It’s a simple cross-body motion that uses a medicine ball or dumbbell for resistance and incorporates a squat. Start in the lower squat position, and lift the weight overhead, moving it across your body in control. Make sure you do the same on each side.

And the #1 best exercise to lose weight is…

#1 Bosu Ball Knee Tucks (view exercise)

My absolute top pick for the best exercise for weight loss is the bosu ball knee tuck. Start in a lunge position with your left foot stabilized on a bosu ball and your right foot behind you, balancing on your rear toes. In a controlled motion, pull your right knee over the ball and up into your abdomen as you straighten your left leg. It takes a little balance to get this one right, but that only helps to improve your fat burning results. Move your arms as you move through this one, making sure you hit both sides.

Now this exercise only becomes an effective fat loss method as you build up your stamina and endurance.  Start off doing 30 second sprints separated by 30 second rest periods and work your way up to 10 sets of 1 minute knee tucks…if you’re not sweating your ass off you’re not going intense enough!

A Bosu ball is probably one of the best investments you can make to tone your core – here is a link on Amazon: Bosu Ball

These weight loss exercises can be done on their own, as part of a larger workout, or combined into their own weight loss exercise program. To make it a full program go through each exercise one after another and repeat four times!

Have any questions or feedback about my best exercise to lose weight? Please leave a comment below…