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Low Glycemic Carbs for Weight Loss?

Do You Really Need To Avoid Simple Carbs And High GI Carbs If Your Goal Is To Lose Weight?

Everyone has heard it before – if you want to lose weight, you have to cut out simple carbs that have a high glycemic load and focus on getting complex, low glycemic load carbs. But, is this true? Is eating a sweet potato better than eating a white potato for weight loss? Is oatmeal better than pasta?

For weight loss alone, there doesn’t seem to be any benefits to avoiding simple, high GI carbs. 

Everybody seems to think that the insulin spike that simple carbs cause has a negative effect on weight loss. But, a few recent studies where obese patients have had their insulin levels intentionally reduced has not shown any increased weight loss.

So, is this to say that you should eat any kind of carb you want, and as long as you are below your caloric requirements, you will continue to lose weight? In practice, it is true, but in real life, it is a bad idea. Not only will you feel pretty bad all the time, your workouts will greatly suffer!

You see, complex carbs offer so much more in terms of nutrients than simple carbs. They usually have a higher amount of fiber, and contain many other essential compounds your body needs to be healthy. They also keep you feeling full longer, so you are less likely to overeat.

The best plan is to get a good mix of simple and complex carbs in your weight loss diet, and not worry too much about the glycemic load. As long as you make healthy food choices and stay under your daily caloric requirements, the weight will come off quickly and you will be feeling better than ever!

Have you tried sticking with low glycemic carbs? How has it affected your weight loss?