7 day slim down

7 Day Slim Down

Looking for a way to jumpstart your weight loss plan?

Believe it or not, you can double your results in half the time with my 7 Day Slim Down. It just takes a little commitment and a multifaceted approach, and you can get weeks closer to your fitness goals.

Here’s how you do it…

My 7 Day Slim Down requires a number of lifestyle changes, but they’re all flexible. What I mean by that is that you don’t need to kill yourself with endless exercise and starvation. I believe strongly in making changes that are sustainable over the long-term, and that’s what this 7 Day Slim Down is all about.

This is why it’s the perfect jumpstart to your weight loss efforts – it will keep you going for months, and you’ll start seeing real results in little time!

The 7 Day Slim Down

The plan is to adopt the following changes over the course of 7 days. Not only will you feel better in a week, you’ll also see real results. Keep the plan going, and that’s when you’ll see the biggest results!

Day 1 of the 7 Day Slim Down

Day 1 is all about cleaning up. I want you to spend a good hour going through your kitchen and removing all the junk. You need to get rid of packages, processed, and frozen foods, and replace them with whole foods and fresh ingredients. Take a look at my Master Cleanse – it will help you clean up your act in no time.

Day 2 of the 7 Day Slim Down

Now that your kitchen is all cleaned out, it’s time to adopt my High Protein Low Carb Diet. Day 2 is all about boosting your metabolism with protein and cutting out the carbs. Both of these steps will have a huge impact on your weight loss efforts.

Day 3 of the 7 Day Slim Down

Day 3 of the plan is where you need to get moving. On this day, spend 10 minutes coming up with a cardio plan that incorporates at least 4 days a week of cardio. 30 minutes a day will do it. Go for a bike ride, jump on the treadmill, or just go for a walk. Then, you need to get moving. Stick to your cardio plan for Days 3 through 6.

Day 4 of the 7 Day Slim Down

Now it’s time to get a little tough. Day 4 is your first day of weight training. Lifting weights is a key step to weight loss success, but it’s often overlooked. Building lean muscle mass will give your metabolism a major boost, doubling if not tripling your weight loss efforts. Start out with at least 20 minutes of weights per day for 3 days a week. Try this Total Body Workout in 30 Minutes to get yourself started.

Day 5 of the 7 Day Slim Down

You’ve reached Day 5, and that means you’ve got a solid diet and exercise plan underway to totally slim down. On your way home from work, stop and buy yourself a notebook, and start writing things down. Track both your eating and exercise habits on a regular basis, and you’ll feel way more motivated!

Day 6 of the 7 Day Slim Down

Day 6 is all about your metabolism. I want you to adopt one habit today that’s totally focused on boosting your metabolism, and I want you to continue that habit on a daily basis. For some great ideas, check out these Best Natural Fat Loss Supplements.

Day 7 of the 7 Day Slim Down

You’ve reached Day 7, and by now I guarantee you’re going to be feeling totally pumped and on your way to weight loss success. Day 7 is all about rest and recovery. Continue with your healthy diet, but take a day to let your muscles and body rest up. Rest is essential for staying in the game, and for starting the next 7 days off on the right foot!

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