Workout Plan for Men: Phase 1

I asked the guys in Facebook if they wanted to have a workout plan starting right from scratch and have gotten a great response for this. If you haven’t yet and want to stay motivated with your workouts, make sure to join my fan page here –

Nevertheless, you may have been exposed to numerous intense workout plans (like the hugh jackman workout) which just seem to be too much or too scattered all over the place, how about we take it back to basics and create a very comprehensive workout and diet plan just for men? (P.S. let the women in your life know that I have created a version for women too – Fitness Plan For Women).

The first phase of the workout plan for men that I’m going to provide is to give you all the essentials you need to succeed. It’s not going to be overwhelming since too often I look at guys compromising their form when exercising and injuring their shoulders which unfortunately lasts a life time.

The following article will include the first couple days of the workout plan which will be part of Phase 2. Phase 3 will include a pretty impressive diet plan that is strictly for increasing muscle mass and losing the beer gut (or as I like to call it – the carb gut!).

Here we go, this is a pretty special opportunity because I’m going to guide you along the way, and you can leave questions and feedback in each article for me to respond to – so I hope you really value what you’re getting here! This plan is made to be bullet proof so get psyched up cause here we go…

Workout Plan for Men Phase 1: Essentials

We all need to have a base point so we can measure our success. Take a shirtless photo of yourself now so you can look back on it in once we’re done this program to see how far you have come along. You can keep this completely private or you can send to me your before/after photos in a few months and I’m going to give out some pretty wicked prizes for those who succeed the most.

Please leave me some ideas for prizes by leaving a comment below!

I should point out that this isn’t like biggest loser style where your health is compromised in order to drop the most weight quickly, this is about your story and how far you have come along, so if you do anything please keep providing me with feedback so I can tweak everything as we go along. The more feedback I get from you guys the greater the results you guys will all get.

Second thing you should do is try and find a workout buddy who can join you in on this journey. Send them the link to this article and get them on board with you so you can motivate each other at the gym. You shouldn’t be dependent on someone else to keep you in on this but it can definitely help to have a little competition to see who does best!

Third thing you should do is grab a workout journal so you can record everything in one place. Then take a few minutes and write down your objectives at the beginning of this journal. Is it to add 2 inches off muscle to your chest/back? Is it to lose a couple inches of carb gut, or is it to add an inch of muscle to your biceps/triceps? Be specific and try and be as realistic as possible (i.e. 4 inches of muscle in your arms is most likely not going to happen in a few months, so be real!).

For those of you who want to order a workout log through the web here is a very cool one which I would recommend – Fitlosophy Fitbook

Workout Plan for Men: Phase 1: Let’s Rip Sh*t Up!

I’m not going to overwhelm you with anything else in this first phase. Your next step is to go to: Workout Plan for Men Phase 2 which will include the first 2 days of your workout routine for this week.

Have any questions on this Phase 1? Remember to let me know what you think some good prizes would be for the winners by leaving a comment below…