5 Must-Read Key Rules for Cold Weather Weight Loss

Overcoming Winter Fat Gain

Winter’s one of the hardest times to lose weight and stay fit. The holidays are partly to blame, but so is the cold weather.

But you can’t just skip it all the time, saying you’ll just go tomorrow right? So here are a few tips to beat the cold this winter, and stick it to all those ginger bread men!

Key Rules to Stay in Shape on the Coldest Days

1. Do Your Workout at Home

This is a strategy I employ quite a bit on the coldest and wettest days. Consider skipping the gym and avoiding the wasted time getting there by getting it done quick and dirty in the comfort of your own home. Here are some great workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment – Home Workout in 30 Minutes or Crossfit Workout at Home.

2. Try New Indoor Fitness Activities

You can also use the cold days as an excuse to try something new. If your morning/afternoon run or walk is interrupted by the weather, try hitting up a new yoga or spin class. This is also a great way to switch things up and shock your system, plus you’ll also find it’s a great way to expand your social life and meet like-minded people.

3. Plan Your Holiday Parties Accordingly

Rather than every holiday social event being focused on cookies and cocktails, make sure you get outdoors and take advantage of some winter activities. Whether it’s ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing or just going for a hike/brisk walk, there’s a lot to keep you moving in the cold weather.

4. Fill Up on Protein, Not Carbs

The other big problem once the cold weather hits is the desire to fill up on carbs. It’s also way too easy with all of the holiday meals and baked goods. So make sure you stay focused on protein. It keeps you feeling full for longer, and will help you keep the pounds off.

5. Whatever You Do, Don’t Hibernate

As much as you might want to, hibernating on cold days is the worst thing you can do for your fitness goals. Not only does is mean avoiding exercise, but hibernation usually comes along with eating comfort food and foods high in sugars & fats.

My tip to avoid staying in? Set some new cold weather habits by scheduling your activities at the beginning of the day or better-yet the night before so you can get up and get’er done!

If you’re having problems with your motivation then try my ultra popular article 5 Motivation Tricks to Help You Workout Harder.

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