how to reduce bloating

How to Reduce Bloating

Bloating is the common occurrence of gas build up in your abdomen. It can be caused by a number of different things, from constipation to irritable bowel syndrome and hormones. But regardless of the cause, bloating doesn’t make us feel – or look – very good.

Today we’re looking at 5 easy tips to reduce bloating. If you’re looking for some easy ways to feel better about yourself, give these a try. While bloating isn’t necessarily a serious condition, or even difficult to deal with, it can make fitting into those jeans feel impossible.

And if you’re trying to lose weight, it can totally mess with your efforts and motivation!

Let’s get to it…

5 Easy Solutions to Reduce Bloating

1. Watch Your Fiber INtake

First and foremost, you need to avoid constipation by making sure you’re getting enough fluids and dietary fiber in your diet. Lack of fluids and fiber are common causes of bloating, and they have incredibly easy fixes.

You can easily increase the amount of fiber in your diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. But if you find this challenging, try adding a fiber supplement to your diet like Psyllium Husk Powder. It’s an easy way to make up for what you miss in your diet. On top of that, make sure you’re drinking lots of water through your day, and get some exercise. Exercise is another good way to keep your digestive system – and entire body – healthy.

2. Slow Down

Eating too quickly, and even not chewing your food well, can lead to large amounts of air being swallowed and held in your abdomen, leading to bloating. This is an easy one to solve, so take your time, and really enjoy the food you’re eating. This is actually a really effective weight loss strategy as well, as you’ll give your body the time it needs to feel full.

3. Cut Out the Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are one of the most common culprits for bloating, and you can imagine why. All that fizz can get trapped in your stomach and cause bloating. For the best weight loss solution, try having lemon water instead. Not only will you reduce bloating, you’ll also boost your metabolism at the same time.

4. Cut Down on the Sodium

Sodium can also contribute to significant cases of bloating, and it’s an easy one to cut down on. In fact, you’re probably getting too much sodium in your diet as it is. Limit how much salt you add to your food, and watch your labels. Most packaged and processed foods have a lot of salt added to them, so go with whole food options whenever you can.

5. Eat 6 Smaller Meals

Rather than binging every meal on a massive plate of food, try eating smaller meals more often through your day. There’s nothing worse for bloating than stuffing yourself full. Eating more frequent meals will also keep your metabolism boosted and your body’s fat burning potential in high gear, so it’s a great way to burn more fat too.

Solutions to Reduce Bloating – Conclusion

If these solutions don’t help, and you continue experiencing bloating on a regular basis, make sure you rule out a wheat allergy or lactose intolerance. These are more serious conditions that can contribute to constant bloating.

You might also want to read more about wheat, and its potential role in both bloating and fat loss, here – Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight.

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