8 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

Detox with a New Mindset

I’m going to be straight up about the whole “detox” fad that’s held on for years. It’s a bit misleading for a few reasons, the biggest of which is that your body has a lot of amazing systems in place to get rid of toxins. Your liver and kidneys are probably the best examples.

The effects of toxins that build up in and on our bodies over time are thought to cause serious health implications all the way from low energy, to damage to our cells making us susceptible to digestive issues, breathing problems, and even as extreme as polyps and cancer.

There are many choices that we make which can have a huge impact on the toxins that our poor bodies get exposed to every single day, and if we approach it in this way we don’t have to try expensive and dangerous bogus detox fads which I am greatly in opposition with.

In other words, change your mindset today and think more in terms of getting rid of unhealthy habits which are causing these toxins to build up in the first place.

Based on this perspective, here are 8 ways to detox your body that will have some pretty serious effects on your your health and your life.

8 Simple and Real Ways to Detox

1. Seriously Cut Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is probably the worst thing in your diet, especially the processed variety. That’s why it tops this list. There’s now evidence that sugar is way worse than fat when it comes to weight gain as well as a number of other illnesses and health conditions. So start avoiding foods that have added sugar. It’s not easy, but once you get on a roll, the effects are pretty real.

For some serious tips on how to do it right, check out my article on How to Quit Sugar in 30 Days.

2. Stay Active and Keep Moving

Regular exercise is a great way to keep your body’s natural detox systems going. This is especially true for keeping your blood and lymph system circulating, which helps rid your body of toxins faster.

3. Sweat It Out

Sweating doesn’t remove the amount of toxins that many people claim, but it is a great way of replacing your fluids and keep things circulating and moving. It’s also great for your skin. So hit the sauna, try a spin class, or do hot yoga to get some serious sweat on, you’ll feel totally rejuvenated afterwards.

4. Make Water Your Go-To Drink

Talk to any doctor, and they’ll tell you that water is the best natural detox out there. So make sure you’re getting enough of the clear stuff. It goes hand-in-hand with removing sugary beverages and high-calorie drinks from your diet.

5. And Make Tea Your Second Pick

If you get sick of water, the next best thing is tea. Whether it’s hot or iced, teas are full of antioxidants and keep you hydrated. Some, like green or chai tea, also boost your metabolism and keep your digestive system healthy.

6. Go Organic as Much as Possible

This shouldn’t be news, but going organic whenever you can is a great way to cut down on the amounts of pesticides and herbicides you get into your digestive system. To help get you started, take a look at my article on Buying Organic Food for a list of top 10 organic foods to buy.

7. Clean Up Your Environment

There are also a ton of pollutants in your environment (especially your home) that can interfere with your body’s ability to function optimally. But there are a lot of ways you can reduce their impact, and even your contact with them. Use a Neti Pot to remove allergens from your airway, or get an air filter for your home. Even switching to biodegradable cleaning products can go a long way.

8. Exfoliate Your Skin

A true detox should get at your whole body, and that includes your exterior. A lot of toxins build up in your skin, since that’s what has the most direct exposure to the environment. Oil massages, skin brushing, and natural exfoliating washes and creams can have a big effect, and cut down on the amount of toxins that get absorbed into your body.

Want to think even bigger about your detox? Take a look at my recent article on How to Detox Your Entire Life. There are some awesome tips here for improving things on the mental and emotional levels too.

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