buying organic food

Buying Organic Food

Ideally all our food would be organic and free of chemical pesticides as well already know there are certain biological implications of these which are quite detrimental to our health.

The first and most obvious are the scientific studies which link chemical pesticides with causing hormonal imbalances possibly leading to problems with our cardiovascular & respiratory system as well as sexual problems and possibly even cancer.

The latest studies have taken this further and shown that synthetic chemical pesticides used in farms for both livestock and fruits & vegetables can also be directly linked with weight gain and poor muscle development. Organic foods are on the whole found to be richer in vitamins, antioxidants and overall nutrients meaning that our bodies are more able to burn fat and develop more muscle. (If you want some info check out my article Benefits of Organic Foods)

This in itself is quite enough to convince me to recommend organic foods for anyone seriously considering weight loss, fat loss and muscle building. Of course, the costs of organic foods can be quite high so let’s take a look at what studies show when it comes to the top 10 most beneficial organic foods in our diet.

In other words, if you could only afford some foods to be organic then focus on these ones…

Buying Organic Food – Top 10

1. Organic free range eggs – the protein in eggs is almost unmatched (just below whey protein) and if you are eating a lot of eggs then organic free range are much healthier and definitely tastier.

2. Organic oatmeal – oatmeal is a super high quality rich-in-fiber breakfast idea and if we can get the organic variety then we have just seriously upped our most important meal of the day.

3. Organic milk – lately the price of organic milk is dropping significantly because more and more of us are demanding it. Considering the vast amount of hormones and antibiotics given to cows, going organic is a very smart choice.

4. Organic green tea – we already know green tea is a fantastic metabolism booster, but most green teas are pretty highly processed and lack the antioxidants they are promised to have. Going organic with this will almost guarantee a higher quality green tea product.

5. Organic whole grain or flaxseed bread – most bread even of the best brands use wheat which has been sprayed with chemical pesticides or had some kind of chemicals during their processing. Organic bread is usually of higher fiber content and definitely more nutritious.

6. Organic turkey breast – next to cows and chickens, turkeys are also given tons of antibiotics and growth hormones so they grow bigger. Going organic will mean leaner turkey meat which is not only better for you but also tastes better.

7. Organic apples – of all the fruit in grocery stores, apples have been found to have the highest chemical pesticide content. Switching to organic apples if that is all you can afford is a great idea because these chemicals have a hard time penetrating other fruit like oranges, bananas, lemons, melons.

8. Organic grass fed beef – although a lot of media hype has said that beef is bad for you they never reference extra lean beef or let alone extra lean organic grass-fed beef. Tastier, healthier and full of high quality protein and even glutamine and creatine.

9. Organic cheese – straight from the source, lots of antibiotics and hormones given to cows especially when these are contained in greater amounts when fat content is high like that of cheese and butter. Look for low fat organic cheese and you’ll get the best of the best!

10. Organic greek yogurt – lots of studies lately showing how great greek yogurt is for you with high protein content than regular yogurt, just like issues with cheese, going organic greek yogurt is brilliant.

Buying Organic Food: Conclusion
You now have a pretty decent top 10 list of foods that you should be buying in organic form if your budget will allow you to. With that said, most of us can definitely cut on eating out and choose to spend our money more wisely with buying organic foods. If you’re wanting another angle to hit with your weight and fat loss efforts, or if you are trying to gain lean muscle mass then organic is a very smart choice for your health.

What has your experience been with buying organic food? Good, bad or any other feedback please leave a comment below…