weight loss tips lose weight without starving

Weight Loss Tips: Lose Weight Without Starving

Sometimes you just want to lose some weight and yet you know that the only way you can do it is by expending more calories than you consume consistently. The problem is that when you exercise you also notice that your appetite goes up quite a bit too.

So what do you do? Do you just give in to the whole starving issue and have your stomach grumble for a lot of the day? Or do you think smarter, and use these weight loss tips to give yourself a major advantage to win this battle?

Let’s look at 5 simple ways to lose weight without starving…

Weight Loss Tips #1: Always Eat Breakfast

You know by now that breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day because your sleep was basically a 7-8 hour fast and the only way you can feed your muscles, cardiovascular system and brain is by eating a healthy breakfast.

The thing is that many of us have a carbohydrate rich (hopefully high in fiber) breakfast and within a couple hours later we are already significantly hungry again.

So what we need to do is to outsmart our digestive system and make sure that our breakfast also includes some high quality protein. Ideally some scrambled eggs, a glass of skim milk and some low fat cottage cheese would be a great choice. The protein content will keep fueling our bodies for much longer than a bagel or even some cereal.

Mix it up and even go for some lean turkey breast or smoked salmon to start your day. If none of these are fast enough you can always include some whey protein powder (the best tasting recommendation I can give is the chocolate peanut butter flavour of Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion)

Weight Loss Tips #2: Get Nutty

Although plain nuts have high fat content it is the good fat that our body and brain thrives on. Plus just a handful will do wonders with curbing your hunger for a significant amount of time and the protein they contain is also great for your muscles.

My favorite is an assortment of plain peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. You can even add some cayenne, season salt and black pepper to give it a kick!

Weight Loss Tips #3: Pass on Starchy Food

Almost any white carb is pretty much devoid of nutrients that will keep you full for any length of time. So when it comes to white bread, pasta, rice or even potatoes just eliminate these from your diet all together.

Switching to whole grains and even sweet potatoes is definitely the way to go when you want to lose some excess weight.

Weight Loss Tips #4: Take Your Time

When it comes to eating your stomach and brain are two completely separate entities. Your stomach will signal to your brain when it is hungry, but the problem is that this signal has some delay. In other words, once your stomach is full it will take your brain a few minutes to realize this but in the meantime you have consumed excess calories.

Slow down and really enjoy your food. There have been many studies to back this up and especially in cases where people eat in front of tv’s or when they are out with friends they forget to slow down and really think about the food they are consuming. Are you one of these people?

Weight Loss Tips #5: Eat As Much Veggies As You Can

The thing about veggies is that most of us don’t get enough of them in a day. Veggies not only supply essential vitamins, minerals and fiber to our diet but they also are a great way to keep us from giving into our cravings.

Have fresh cut veggies ready to eat whenever you start feeling a little hungry and you will without a doubt see some pretty fantastic results when it comes to your waist line. Give it a try and be adventurous with your veggies, there are so many different varieties that you can find in markets that are surprisingly quite tasty!

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Conclusion: Lose Weight Without Starving

These 5 tips are a life saver for those of us who have challenges when it comes to our stomach overpowering our brain. Stick with these and be patient as your brain will probably want to resist these very effective healthy eating habits.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I would love to hear other ways that you have found to work for you in terms of losing weight without starving. Please leave a comment below…