15 minute back workout

15 Minute Back Workout

There’s been a big push lately to stop neglecting your leg muscles and pay more attention to your lower body. But when it comes to upper body fitness, the back muscles are frequently overlooked. After all, you don’t see them as often as you see your arms, chest, and abs!

Despite being neglected, having a strong back is extremely important to your overall health and fitness. In fact, back pain is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from my clients. Your back is working all day long, whether you’re sitting, standing, or in motion. You need it to be strong so it can provide you with the support you need!

So I’m offering up a powerful but flexible back workout that you can do in as little as 15 minutes!

Ready for this? Let’s get to it…

Complete 15 Minute Back Workout

This back workout is designed to be totally flexible according to your own schedule. If you only have 15 minutes, you can totally get it done in that time. Or you can repeat the circuit up to 3 or 4 times, as your schedule permits!

For each exercise, you’re going to perform between 8 and 12 reps. The higher end of the zone will get you burning more fat, while the lower end will build more muscle. Either way, staying in this zone will ensure an effective, strength-building back workout.

Perform 1 set of each exercise, resting about 30 seconds between sets. If you have more than 15 minutes, repeat the circuit as desired.

That’s it! Looks easy enough, but trust me, this is a complete back workout that will leave you feeling stronger and ready to take on your day!

Engaging Your Core…

Throughout any back exercise or back workout, it’s important to engage your core and abdominal muscles. Many people forget this simple piece of advice, but it plays a big role in preventing injury and exercising your back muscles the right way. When you don’t engage your core, you’re putting unnecessary strain on your neck, spine, and even shoulders.

Remember, proper form is an essential component of any effective workout, especially when it comes to your back!

Feeding Your Muscles…

And don’t forget to follow up your back workout with a high quality protein supplement. Take a look at my list of Best Protein Supplements here for the best options on the market today.

For a more complete nutritional supplement, use a protein powder in one of my Protein Shake Recipes here – they’re all delicious and will give your metabolism (and muscles) a major boost!

One More Tip…

Want another easy way to strengthen your back muscles? Next time you’re sitting at your desk, driving your car, or riding the bus, I want you to spend as long as possible engaging your lower back muscles and holding your posture perfectly straight. It may sound simple enough, but trust me, you’ll really feel it after a few minutes! And it’s a great way to get a stronger lower back over time.

Have any questions or feedback about this 15 Minute Back Workout? Please leave a comment below…