stomach exercises for sexy abs

Stomach Exercises for Sexy Abs

Winter’s finally coming to an end, and that means you’re going to be shedding the heavy clothing and showing off more of your body. But don’t stress! Bikini season is still months away – and I’m sharing some of my best stomach exercises for getting strong and sexy abs!

The Secret to Sexy Abs

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to getting strong, sexy abs is that you have to work out your entire body. By working out your whole body using both cardio and weight training, you’ll build your muscles proportionately and get a more balanced physique, which will actually make your abs look better!

Full body training also improves your body’s ability to burn calories and fat, by building and conditioning lean muscle mass. You can’t spot train when it comes to burning fat and losing weight, so it’s absolutely necessary to attack the problem from all angles. After all, you need to burn fat in order to see your abdominal muscles in the first place!

But you still need to include some powerful, focused stomach exercises. These will help to build your ab muscles and tone and tighten your stomach. I recommend doing this set of stomach exercises twice a week for optimal results.

For all exercises, perform 3 sets of approximately 15-25 reps each, or until you reach muscle failure at each set.

Ready? These are my best stomach exercises for sexy abs…

Best Stomach Exercises for Sexy Abs

Getting Your Diet Right…

Remember, exercise is only half the battle when it comes to getting strong, sexy abs. Diet is just as important! To get you started, check out the following diet plans, designed specifically to support a sexy six pack!

If you’re looking for more general tips on healthy eating, take look at my Common Sense Diet Plan here. It offers some really easy and practical tips for eating that will totally support any active lifestyle, and keep your abs strong and fit!

In addition to eating right, have you also considered some of the latest natural fat burners on the market? One of the best options out there is raspberry ketone, an enzyme derived from raspberries that’s been shown to enhance metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat!

And one of my favorite raspberry ketone supplements on the market is L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones. It contains a number of natural ingredients to help you shed the fat and show off those sexy abs!

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