Best Protein Supplements

Best Protein Supplements

Without a doubt, protein supplements are the most important supplements in my own fitness regimen. In fact, if I had to choose only one supplement to take, it would be protein. And here’s why…

Our bodies need protein for a number of reasons, but it’s primarily used in the formation and repair of bodily tissues, including our muscles. This is why eating a protein-rich diet is so critical to an active lifestyle – without it, you can’t build and repair lean muscle tissue.

If weight lifting is a predominant component of your own fitness program, then the importance of protein supplements is increased tenfold. But believe it or not, protein can also play a significant role in weight loss, because it helps keep you satisfied longer and it burns more calories during digestion.

So whether your health goals involve building muscle, burning fat, or just staying fit, here are the best protein supplements on the market.

Best Protein Supplements

1. Optimum 100% Natural Whey – Optimum Nutrition continues to be a leader in the supplement industry, and their 100% natural whey protein continues to top my list of best protein supplements. This one’s all-natural, and it’s a really high quality whey protein. Whey protein is the most basic type of protein supplement you can find. It’s essentially filtered protein that’s left over during cheese production, and it’s easily digested and incorporated by our bodies. With practically no fat or sugar and a ton of flavor options, you can’t go wrong.

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2. Vega Sport Performance Protein – My second pick is all vegan, and it too comes from a leader in the supplement industry, Vega. Their sport performance protein is completely plant-based, containing protein from a number of healthy sources like brown rice, hemp, and peas. It’s specifically designed for an active lifestyle and contains a large variety of amino acids, the building blocks of lean muscle tissue.

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3. Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey – Another pick from Optimum Nutrition, this hydrowhey protein powder is super fast-acting and digests quickly, making it an ideal post-workout recovery supplement. The whey protein in this supplement is hydrolyzed, which simply means that the larger proteins have been broken down more, allowing them to be more readily absorbed by your body and used by your muscles.

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4. Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion – This one makes my list for taste alone. Not only is this a high quality whey protein, but it’s also one of the best tasting protein powders I’ve ever found. Their Milk Chocolate and Delicious Vanilla flavors are amazing, and they work well in a number of tasty smoothie recipes. If taste and consistency are your biggest concerns, give this one a try – you won’t be disappointed.

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5. MusclePharm Combat Powder – If you’re looking for efficiency in your protein supplements, then you might want to give this one a try. With 25 grams of protein per serving and a variety of satisfying flavors, Combat Powder is one of the most advanced time-released protein supplements on the market, designed to digest more slowly and continue feeding your muscles for up to 8 hours. This makes it a great option for jumpstarting your day or for recovering after a long workout.

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