Toned Sexy Legs Weekend Lunge Challenge

One-Two Strong Legs Here They Come

This weekend’s challenge is going to help you burn a ton of extra calories in just 20 minutes. If you’re looking for an extra workout to finish off your week, this reverse lunge challenge is just what you need.

Lower body exercises are always your go-to exercises when you’re looking for some serious fat-burning and muscle-building opportunities. The muscles that make up your legs and buttocks are some of your largest muscles, so they have a bigger impact overall. Regardless of your fitness goals, building and conditioning larger muscle groups will lead to a stronger physique and a faster metabolism.

The lunge is one of the best lower body movements. When combined with a set of dumbbells or a tension band, it can easily be transformed into a total body exercise.

But the focus of this challenge is the reverse lunge. The reverse lunge offers a simple twist on the traditional lunge that will get you working up a serious sweat.

The Reverse Lunge

For the reverse lunge, you’re going to start by standing with your feet at shoulder width. Keeping one foot planted firmly in place, lift the opposite foot off the ground and extend it behind you, resting on your back toes. Lower into the lunge by bending your front knee at a 90 degree angle, and bring your back knee as close to the ground as possible without touching it. You should feel the squeeze in your hamstrings and glutes.

Bring your back foot to starting position, and repeat with the opposite leg. The difference between the reverse lunge and the traditional lunge is that you’re stepping back, so your balance is challenged more.

Add a pair of dumbbells to the mix, and you’re increasing the resistance substantially. Once you get the move down, you can then curl up with the dumbbells and move into an overhead shoulder press as you lower into the lunge.

Your Reverse Lunge Weekend Challenge

Put on your running shoes, and grab a light set of dumbbells and a workout mat. You can easily do this one from home. Here’s the routine:

  • 3 minute warm-up of jumping jacks or jump rope
  • 10 reverse lunges on left side (no weight)
  • 15 second rest
  • 10 reverse lunges on right side (no weight)
  • 15 second rest
  • 6 alternating reverse lunges (no weight)
  • 1 minute rest
  • 12 alternating reverse lunges with dumbbell press
  • 30 second rest
  • 8 reverse lunges on left side (holding dumbbells)
  • 30 second rest
  • 8 reverse lunges on right side (holding dumbbells)
  • 1 minute rest
  • 12 alternating reverse lunges (holding dumbbells)
  • 1 minute rest
  • 5 reverse lunges on left side, twist to the right as you lower
  • 5 reverse lunges on right side, twist to the left as you lower
  • 30 second rest
  • 1 minute cool-down of running on spot
  • 1 minute of stretching

That’s it! In just 20 minutes you’ll work up a serious sweat with this reverse lunge routine. Increase your resistance as needed, and keep burning the fat. This is a great workout to add in whenever you need a little boost!

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