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Ultimate Leg Workout

Bored with your current leg workout and not seeing the results you think you should be getting?

It’s time to take your leg workout to the next level.

In this article we’re going to look at toning your thighs, butt, quads and calves so you are proud to show off those legs.

Legs are often neglected at the gym, especially by guys. But they shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a strong lower body contributes to better overall strength and stamina, and also makes for a more balanced physique.

The largest muscle groups in your legs are your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, followed by your calf muscles and hip flexors. Regardless of your fitness level or goals, you should be getting a complete leg workout in at least once a week.

There’s one more important benefit of working out these muscles: Because your legs are composed of some large muscle groups, the boost to your metabolism will be that much greater. Remember – more muscle mass means more calories burned! So don’t ignore the big ones.

So here’s an ultimate leg workout for getting a stronger, more ripped lower body. This one hits every muscle group, to give you a complete leg workout.

Ultimate Leg Workout

To really pack on the muscle and rev up your lower body strength, shoot for 3-4 sets of each exercise. Depending on your fitness level, 8-12 reps will do. I recommend working your legs to failure to really feel the burn (and see results).

Make sure you warm up on a piece of cardio equipment for at least 5 minutes before this workout. In total, it should take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Support for your Ultimate Leg Workout…

To support muscle repair and growth, I recommend the following combination of supplements. They’ll help get you through this killer leg workout and seeing results fast!

  • Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel is a pre-workout supplement to help increase your natural testosterone levels and get you performing at your best!
  • Muscle Pharm Assault is a pre-workout complex to take your leg workout to the next level. This supplement will give you the edge you’ve been looking for!
  • Universal Animal Pak is a complete joint support complex to help your legs recover from this intense workout!
  • Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion is a great tasting protein supplement to fuel your leg muscles!

There you have it, an ultimate leg workout to take things to the next level! Make sure you give your leg muscles the rest they need, and stretch after every workout. This will help prevent soreness and improve recovery time.

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