healthy eating challenge

Healthy Eating Challenge

Have you been considering a new diet? Think it’s time to get smart about your food choices?

Well I’ve come up with a healthy eating challenge to get your diet back on track! This diet challenge is all about sustainability – meaning it’s designed as a lifestyle change, not a fad diet that you’ll abandon in a few weeks.

In addition to improving your overall health and wellness, this healthy eating challenge is also designed to give your metabolism a major boost, so that you’ll burn more fat and calories on a regular basis. There are a number of foods out there that have the right nutritional composition to do just that.

And remember, eating healthy is only half the battle. A healthy lifestyle also requires regular exercise, whether it’s cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, or a combination of both.

So let’s get to it. My healthy eating challenge includes a few basic strategies that will help take your health and fitness to the next level. Ready for this?

Healthy Eating Challenge

Healthy Eating Strategy #1: Focus on Whole Foods – I’ve always been a big fan of the whole foods approach. Choosing whole foods simply means avoiding highly processed foods and choosing basic, natural ingredients. So rather than eating a blueberry muffin, have a bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries and a bit of brown sugar. Simple choices like this can remove a ton of fats, sugars, and empty calories from your diet.

You should also be replacing white flour with whole grains whenever possible. Nuts and seeds are also great whole food options. Almonds, walnuts, and these new Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds are all healthy, nutritional choices.

Healthy Eating Strategy #2: Keep Things Simple – In line with the ‘whole foods’ theme, it’s also important to keep things simple. When you’re cooking, always choose natural, lightly processed ingredients. I also recommend cooking with ingredients that boost your metabolism and burn more fat. Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is a highly effective metabolism booster – give it a try!

Healthy Eating Strategy #3: Eat Frequently – You may have heard this one before, but it really can’t be stated enough. One of the best lifestyle changes you can implement in your diet is eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. This will keep your metabolism revved up and you’ll avoid those nasty cravings.

One of the best food options for keeping your metabolism boosted is whey protein. Protein will keep you feeling satisfied and also burn more calories and fat during digestion. Two of the best options out there are Optimum 100% Casein Protein and Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion. Add some fresh fruit and some nutritious almond milk, and you have a great protein shake to keep you going.

Healthy Eating Strategy #4: Listen to Your Body – This last strategy is critical. Eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full are necessary steps to a balanced, healthy diet. One method for paying closer attention to your body’s needs is to eat more slowly. Eating slowly will give you the opportunity to be more mindful of your bodily processes.

Healthy Eating Strategy #5: Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself – One of the biggest roadblocks to weight loss and fitness success is having unrealistic expectations. You need to be realistic about things, and realize that being too hard on yourself will get you nowhere fast. Reward yourself on a regular basis, have a cheat meal here and there, and don’t stop enjoying life!

Have any questions or feedback about my healthy eating challenge? Please leave a comment below…