The Toughest Workout for Six Pack Abs

Get Ready to Get Ripped

If you’re tired of all the same old ab workouts this is one of the toughest workouts you’ll come across and the reason is simple –  it’s designed to give you serious results.

The trick to getting that six pack look is the right combination of diet and exercise. But don’t let the fad diets fool you – without the right workout that really challenges your core muscles, you’re probably going to get a littler trimmer and then have stagnant results thereafter.

So to help you get to your goals, here’s a killer ab workout you can do under 30 minutes –you’ll want to gloat about these results with your friends!

Ready? Let’s go…

Ultimate Abs Workout

For this one, if you’re not hitting the gym make sure to have some basic workout equipment at home – the must haves are stability ball, medicine ball, and a jump rope (I’ve put together a great list of inexpensive items you can order online here in my article Best Home Workout Equipment).

Now this workout is made up of just 8 moves. The goal is to do one set of each exercise, moving through the circuit one at a time. When you’ve knocked out one set of each, start from the beginning and repeat twice. This will give you a total of 3 sets per exercise, maximizing your workout and really sculpting those core and abdominal muscles.

The thing to keep in mind with ab exercises is that you don’t want to limit your repetitions to 10 or 12 like you might with other muscle groups. Instead, you’ll want to approach your abs by doing as many reps as you can.

That means you should be hitting muscle fatigue at the end of each set, so that you can’t do another rep without breaking form. Once you’re there, rest and move on to the next.

Here are the 8 ab-sculpting moves you’re going to do in 3 consecutive circuits…

And that’s it! Three circuits through these moves should leave you in a pretty big sweat, and with a core and six pack that’s a little closer to your vision.


One other thing I always like to remind my clients is that you need to really focus on engaging your abdominal and core muscles during these moves. That means that you should be engaging them throughout every movement, and make sure they’re doing most of the work. If you feel it more in your back or shoulders, you’re not targeting your abs the way you should be.

One way to really build this focus is to do some visualization during the exercises. Really try to see your ab muscles moving in the way you want. This sounds like a simple strategy, but it’s a pretty important one for pro athletes and fitness gurus alike.

If you find you’re lacking the energy to get through this then have a low-calorie pre-workout drink like Essential Amino Energy, there is no way you will have a bad workout.

Looking for a little more motivation for your six pack goals? Check out my article on Workout Motivation for 6 Pack Abs, and don’t forget to get on my Six Pack Abs Diet.

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