20 Minute Fat Loss Treadmill Workout

Your World is Going to Change with this Workout

Need a new fat-burning routine but not ready to give up the treadmill? Here’s a 20 minute fat loss workout that is going to change your world and put a huge smile on your face because the results will be enough to get your ex wishing he wasn’t an ex!

Before we get to the workout, let’s be clear on this whole cardio thing.

Cardio training is of a lot of controversy and always has been. There’s no question that it’s great for burning fat, but as a long-term weight management strategy it just doesn’t stick for over 90% of the people who jump on the running bandwagon on and off.

The biggest challenge includes just getting bored of it, but weather and injuries are definitely other shall we say obstacles (excuses) that get in the way!

Your body also has an incredible ability to adapt to running even long distances and if your nutrition plan is not on the right path then chances are that you’ve seen running have less of an impact on keeping off the extra fat around your midsection.

So what’s the trick?

The way to get cardio right is to keep it intense, and keep it changing. With these principles in mind, the treadmill can be a really useful tool, whether you’re trying to lose a lot of weight or just tone up.

This is where High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, really comes in handy. The basic idea is to alternate between intervals of high and low intensity. This kind of variable exercise offers a unique kind of challenge, working your muscles and boosting your metabolism in totally different ways. When it comes to body fat, you can learn more in my article on High Intensity Training & Body Fat.

Change It Up with this Fat-Burning Treadmill Workout

I’ve come up with a 20 minute treadmill workout that incorporates the principles of interval training. If you need to give your metabolism a boost, or just want to beat the same old boring workout, give this one a try next time you hit the gym.

Start with 5 minutes of stretching to warm up your muscles, then jump on the treadmill and get started:

  • 2 minutes of walking at fast pace
  • 3 minutes of running at moderate pace
  • increase your incline settings to 2
  • 5 minutes of running at fast pace (high intensity)
  • 1 minute of running at moderate pace
  • 3 minutes of running at fast pace (high intensity)
  • 1 minute of running at moderate pace
  • decrease your incline setting to 1
  • 2 minutes of running at fast pace (high intensity)
  • 1 minute of running at moderate pace
  • decrease your incline setting back to 0
  • 1 minute of running at fast pace (high intensity)
  • 1 minute of walking at fast pace

For the high intensity intervals, aim for a speed of 7 or 8 on the treadmill.

By alternating between varying levels of intensity and incline, you’ll burn some serious fat with this workout. If you want to keep it going longer, simply keep alternating these settings from high to low, and you’ll keep the sweat up – and the fat shredding.

Finish up with a 5 minute cool down of moderate walking on the treadmill, or engage in some flexibility training.

Make sure you stay hydrated throughout. Hydrate thoroughly beforehand, take a few sips during the workout, and hydrate after. Hydration also plays a really big role in weight loss. For more information, read my article on Water and Weight Loss here.

Either way you cut it, you need to start challenging yourself in a new – and more intense – way. Start with this treadmill workout, and keep moving!

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