Beyonce Workout Secrets

beyonce workout secrets

Beyonce Workout Secrets

You probably agree that one of the sexiest female celebrities today has to be Beyonce Knowles. She is a naturally curvy girl who has all the right bumps in all the right places! Being fit doesn’t mean having to be super skinny and for women this change in perception over the past several years has to be quite liberating.

If you’re a woman who can identify with someone who has the natural curves then it’s important that you still keep an open mind to eating healthy and exercising frequently. Weight should no longer be an issue (hopefully you’ve read my article on Interval Training), instead it’s how you feel about yourself at the end of the day and that is the next step in evolution of your training mentality.

With that said, I’ve done some investigating to find out exactly what Beyonce is doing to keep the sexy physique she is recognized so well for. So far from what I’ve been able to find out the details have been quite vague with only a few celeb magazines having any real quote from the diva herself.

Nevertheless, with a little training wisdom we can make an educated guess to fill in the holes to recreate her workout secrets.

Beyonce Workout Plan

Beyonce was quoted as saying that she works out 5 days a week starting off with eating a small bowl of cereal, waiting about half an hour to let it digest and then doing a 30 minute cardio session followed by 45 mins of a dumbbell workout to keep her body toned.

But the key secret that she points out is that she is always changing up her plan and using intervals in her cardio to prevent her from getting bored. Her cardio includes running, biking, elliptical and most importantly dancing! The great thing about dancing is that it can change in intensity and speed to consistently keep you sweating and also be more interesting by not being the same movement over and over again.

Beyonce’s dumbbell workout would include something such as this list of exercises:

3 sets 14 rep bicep curls
3 sets 14 rep tricep kick backs
3 sets 10 rep dumbbell chest presses
3 sets 10 rep dumbbell single-leg lunges
3 sets 14 rep Bosu ball squats with 5lb dumbbells
3 sets 10 rep dumbbell front raises

To make it challenging each of these exercises could be done one after another with minimal rest.

She also adds in Yoga on occasion to allow her to relax her mind and body and have a sense of accomplishment with her exercise sessions.

Beyonce’s Diet

Beyonce has said that the secret to her diet is sticking to eating lots of green vegetables and avoiding red meat, bread and alcohol. Chocolate is one of her favourite cheat foods which she balances out with lots of running!

For some movie roles when she needs to drop a large amount of weight quickly she has publicly stated (in an interview with Oprah) that she has gone on the Master Cleanse which involves a very dramatic diet consisting of only liquids. She does not recommend this nor do I, instead I would say read my article on the Master Cleanse if you want to make a more realistic effort to keeping the weight off permanently.

Top 3 Fat Loss Supplements

Burning fat with supplementation means using thermogenic stimulators which blast through belly fat. These are the top 3 selling fat loss supplements:

Fat Burner Extreme Energy (Try: Magnum Nutraceuticals CLA)
Diet Support Stimulant Free (Try: Revolution Thermogenic Push)
Fat Oxidation Stimulator (Try: Cellucor T7 Extreme)

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  1. Dear sam,
    I need a lower body concentrated workout,i already know that you lose fat generally but i want to lose my legs fat and tone them up,mean while i don’t want my breast to be smaller!that is a big deal for me!!can you help me set a proper workout please?
    I will be thankfull if you answer me by email

  2. Does anyone have any idea how heavy the weights are that Beyonce uses? I am trying to tone without becoming too chiseled but my body leans towards the muscular.

    • Since your body leans towards the muscular reduce your carb intake and go for higher reps with little rest in between sets.

  3. well im only 14 yrs old and i really need 2 lose some weight…i get the whole concept of eating more healthy food like vegtables and fruits and drinking lots of water and…but the only thing is that i cant commit myself to eating veggies and fruits and doing excercise…maybe for a week but then i’ll just stop…i weigh 165lbs…and i wanna be 115..i dont care how long it takes i just wanna lose the weight so that people can stop teasing me and so that i can feel more confident with myself and just feel good about myself and know that i do look good … please help me!!!

    • Hi Dawhit, even though you may feel alone, trust me on this one you are not and even happened when I was in highschool many years ago. I know you are having trouble with the commitment so try this…try having a cheat day or two on the weekends where you relax a little more. Don’t go too nuts on your cheat days but just really enjoy the foods that you are eating. I find training all week knowing that you can have some fun on the weekends takes away a lot of the pressure. Also remember to keep a food log to help you stay in check, here is a free one I created for the site –


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